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Kara’s Goo Hara is in pain! Undergoing surgery!

31 Jan

KARA Goo Hara
KARA‘s Hara has been revealed to be in the hospital to undergo surgery for appendicitis.

Just recently, around 10 AM KST, Hara received the diagnosis at the hospital and was said to be preparing to undergo surgery.

According to her agency representatives, Hara started to suffer from abdominal pains and was brought to the emergency room at the hospital.

“It is true that Hara will be getting surgery for appendicitis. We hope that the surgery will go well… Afterwards she will be getting rest to recover her health,” the rep stated.

Since KARA has schedules tomorrow (February 1st) in Japan, it is not known if Hara will be able to attend. For the time being, it is said that she’ll be taking rest before she takes on her personal schedules.

We wish Hara a full and speedy recovery.

Source: JoyNews 24 via Daum


2NE1’s US interview in Complex Magazine reveals loneliness by the members

31 Jan


2NE1 had a chance to sit down for an interview with lifestyle magazine Complex, founded by American fashion designer Marc Ecko in 2002. The publication targets young men from college age to their early 30s and offers a range of topics from pop culture, sports, video games and more.

Published on January 30, the interview reveals more about the girls. They talk about other groups copying their styles, how CL and Minzy act like mom and dad and take care of the older two members, their goals 5 years from now and if Minzy is jealous of Girls’ Generation.

When asked what the members were afraid of, Dara answered, “Loneliness. After leaving the stage, when we’re back at our individual hotel rooms, I think all of us could agree, there’s this sense of emptiness. It’s a little difficult to explain.”

CL adds, “I think that applies to anyone who performed for a huge audience. It takes you all day to prepare for the show, and you give it your all on the stage. When you go home after such an ecstatic show, especially when we’re not in Korea, without our friends and family, it feels a bit surreal entering that hotel room. Where everything’s so clean, so organized, and it’s not a space you can claim as your own. You were just somewhere with thousands of people screaming, and then you’re somewhere awfully quiet. That contrast in surroundings, really affects the mood.”

They also had a fun time holding a fashion photoshoot for Complex Magazine:

Check out the full interview at the

2am members have been single ever since they debuted!

31 Jan

The members of ballad group 2AM have never dated since their they debuted in 2008.


On January 21 @Star1 magazine, they interviewed 2AM for their February issue. During the interview the members of 2AM spoke frankly about their views on love and relationships.

Member Jinwoon also had a pictorial


The interview revealed that none of the 2AM members have dated since they debuted. Jokwon’s fake marriage with Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain was the only relationship any of the members ever had. To this day, including Jokwon, none of the members could say that they have had a girlfriend.

Jung Jinwoon spoke about his last relationship. “It was so long ago I don’t even remember…I couldn’t get a girlfriend after 2AM debuted. With exercising and guitar practice, I didn’t have time. It’s not like I never considered dating, I only have comfortable female friends around me.”

Lim Seulong talked about what it was like to watch his friend Sunye get married. “I don’t know about dating, but I want to get married early. I’m jealous of Sunye. I love children so I want to marry quickly and have kids.”

You can read more about 2AM and their relationships in this issue of @star1.

2AM is currently preparing for a 2013 comeback. You better watch out for another heart-wrenching ballad!

BoA to release “Disturbance” mv with the support of Shinee’s Taemin

27 Jan
pictures from the mv?

Clips from the mv?

After the release of the album cover of the upcoming single “Disturbance“, it has been revealed that BoA‘s brother Kwon Soon Wook has once again featured as the director of the MV, showing support for his sister.

BoA will perform and unveil the music video for the new single for the first time during her solo concert, ‘BoA Special Live 2013 ~Here I Am~‘, on the 26th and 27th.

To make the music video even more special, SHINee‘s Taemin, who was seen posing as a couple with BoA on the album cover, will also be starring in the music video along with BoA! The two have already shown their chemistry during their performances of the soloist’s latest single “Only One“, and have fans hyped up to see them coupling up again.

BoA’s first solo concert will be held at the Seoul Olympic Hall on the 26th and 27th. For those who can’t attend the concert, “Disturbance” will be released on music sites on the 28th.

Looks like they are flirting....

Looks like they are flirting….


Take a look at their chemistry from their collaboration “Only One” Performance:

Which Kpop Idol Group are the most popular by select countries? Lets find out!

27 Jan

Kpop music fans all over the world voted for the most popular idols in their country.

CJ E&M ran a survey from December 11th to the 18th asking users to vote for their favorite idols. The survey received a total of 920,000 votes from 18 different countries including Japan, Russia, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Australia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, France, England, Germany, Spain, Poland, United States, Canada, Mexico, and Argentina.

Survey Results

Survey Results

Which idol group tops in your country?

Which idol group tops in your country?

In Japan, TVXQ was voted to be the most popular, receiving 40.8% of the votes. Following were f(x) with 12.1%, Girls’ Generation with 10.7%, 2NE1 with 10.1%, and Ailee with 8.1%. TVXQ also ranked #1 in Russia.

In China, F.T. Island received 30% of the votes to rank #1, followed by INFINITE‘s Sunggyu with 26.5%, f(x) with 15.3%, Super Junior with 10.5%, and TVXQ with 4.7%. The pop rock band also ranked #1 in both Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Super Junior gained 27.1% of the votes in the United States to rank #1. f(x) followed with 11.5%, and F.T. Island with 10.9%. Super Junior proved their huge popularity as they ranked #1 in 10 other countries, including Australia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, England, France, Germany, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina. They had the most overall #1 rankings.

Big Bang‘s G-Dragon took #1 in Spain and Poland by himself, managing to beat out all the other groups in those respective countries.

Source: Korean Economy

2NE1’s CL showcases her amazing show collection on instagram!

27 Jan


2NE1‘s CL has really embraced her recently opened Instagram account by showcasing her very enviable shoe collection.

Yesterday, the fashionista, gave her followers a sneak peak at her “kicks”. She first uploaded a photo with rows and rows of heels and boots with the caption “Special shoes will take you somewhere special“. A familiar quote from popular drama ‘Boys Over Flowers‘. Shortly after that she likened a photo of her sneakers to notorious footwear fanatic David Beckham.

100 and more?

100 and more?

"Special shoes will take you somewhere special"

“Special shoes will take you somewhere special”

"My kick game just like David Beckham"

“My kick game just like David Beckham”

It’s not clear whether these are all CL’s shoes or if shoes from her group members made it into the closets. In either case, fans were shocked by her collection. As expected there were tons of Jeremy Scott sneakers, but CL also seems to be a fan of Christian Louboutin, Pierre Hardy, Gareth Pugh, Alexander Wang, Guiseppi Zanotti, and many more. Girls got great taste!


Source: Allkpop

Wonder Girls Sunye’s Blissful Wedding News and Pictures and a walk down in Memory lane on how they met!

27 Jan

Wonder Girls‘ leader Sunye has tied the knot with James Park, a Korean-Canadian who has been the singer’s boyfriend for the past two years. James Park is 28 years old and currently resides in Canada.

Sunye publicly acknowledged her love relationship on an episode of Strong Heart a year ago. She revealed that the two met while doing missionary work in Haiti and eventually fell in love.

The wedding took place on January 26th 2013 at the Famous Seoul’s Lotte Hotel.


The wedding looks breathtaking! Let’s take a look down in memory lane from how they first met to the big wedding

Here’s a load of pictures for your enjoyment!

Haiti: Sunye visited Haiti to lend a helping hand in May 19-25 2011. She joined the G.A.P Haiti (Global Assistance Partners) missionary work, showing off her loving nature.


The moment they bonded?

The moment they bonded?

Affections developing

Affections developing

She's found her meaning in life.....James Park.

She’s found her meaning in life…..James Park.

Television announcement that Sunye was in a relationship:

hiding his face from the public. lovey dovey Sunye

hiding his face from the public. lovey dovey Sunye


Photoshoot: Pictures released prior to the wedding day










Press Conference prior to ceremony and reception in Lotte Hotel at 12:30pm, Seoul: See the famous guest lists below!

She shared her excitement about the ceremony and her upcoming life as a newlywed wife.

Sun commented, “Marriage to me is a turning point in life and a new start. Since I was little, I liked being on the stage and being a singer so I have kept running towards achieving that until now. However, as time passed, I wondered about what direction my life would take next. And naturally, marriage came about and I think it is a new start as a turning point.”

She consoled some of her fans as she shared, “I’m so thankful that my members sincerely congratulated me and was truly happy for me. As they cheered me on, I felt strengthened while preparing for my marriage… Many people have expressed their sadness and regret as well, but I will continue to be with you all so please don’t be sad.”

She also revealed her thoughts on who she thought might be the next to get married out of the Wonder Girls members, stating, “Each of the members have their dreams about starting a family… And although Lim is the youngest, I personally feel that maybe she will marry before the other members. I think Lim will be a great wife and mother.”

As it is known she’ll be heading to Maldives for her honeymoon, she revealed that she planned to “spend it comfortably” when asked about her first honeymoon night coming up. She also confirmed, “There is no new life in my stomach at the moment” denying any rumors about this being a shotgun wedding. However, she revealed that she would like to have “one son and one daughter”.

“James really loves kids. I always dreamed about a happy family since I was little, so I think keeping that in mind, I think James will be a good father too.”

Sun also explained Jo Kwon‘s reaction to her asking to oversee the ceremony as she stated, “At first, when I asked Jo Kwon, he said that he felt uncomfortable with the idea because he thought he would cry. However since he is a guy who is good with a mic, I’m not worried.”

The idol also revealed more details: “I asked Yenny to sing the congratulatory song. I thought it’d be nice for JYP artist to do so, and J.Y. Park has also agreed to do it as well. I thought it might feel awkward for him, but he seemed to be fine with it so I was thankful.”

The question on everyone’s mind was then answered as she shared the story behind her wedding ring. “According to my husband-to-be, he was trying to prepare a ring from his grandma, but it turned out his parents had secretly already prepared a ring. I learned about the significance of the ring of my in-laws, and how they wanted to get the same ring for the future as well, and I almost cried. I told myself, I’d want to become a mother-in-law like that someday as well.”

Lastly, she sent a message to the public and her fans with a short, but sweet words: “I’ll live happily and well.”

Some of the stars attending the wedding are JJ Project, San E, J.Y. Park, Wonder Girls, Younha, Girls’ Generation, Bada, Noel, Ahn Hye Won, Park Kyung Lim, 2AM, and more.




Master of Ceremony

Master of Ceremony





Girls Generation.....where are the rest of the girls???

Girls Generation…..where are the rest of the girls???


Wonder Girls

Wonder Girls






Ceremony Pictures: Ring exchange and vows








Party pictures from various cameras and snapshots from the guests! They are as real as it gets!








There you go Kpopstar lovers!

Wishing them a happy ending forever and ever!

JYJ Kim Junsu conveys he’s a major fan of Jaejoong by proudly wearing Jaejoong’s autographed shirt

25 Jan


Group JYJ’s Kim Junsu received an autographed shirt from Kim Jaejoong and showed it off on his twitter account.

Today, Kim Junsu posted on his Twitter, “Hello! I got an autograph from Jaejoong” along with a picture.

In the picture, Kim Junsu is wearing a green shirt, looking at the camera with a charismatic face. Unlike his serious face, his shirt has a cute autograph that he received from Kim Jaejoong, arousing laughter

Korean internet users who saw it commented, “Kim Jaejoong’s top fan was here all along,” “Your face and your shirt don’t match at all,” and “He must have asked him to sign it for him. So cute.”

Photo Credit: Kim Junsu Twitter

BoA’s dating Taemin from Shinee? Is BoA a Cougar? See Couple Picture Revealed!

25 Jan
Taemin and BoA on a couch

Taemin and BoA on a couch

‘Are They Really 7 Years Apart?’

Today, SM Entertainment’s Facebook posted a picture of BoA and Taemin’s couple picture. The two are sitting down on a sofa together like a couple.

Taemin had his arm around BoA’s shoulder and looked at her with loving eyes, and BoA shyly glance away smilingly in his arms.
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MBLAQ’s LEE JOON, “I Can’t Do Anymore Fake Acting!”

24 Jan

MBLAQ member Lee Joon posted a deep confession on his fan cafe which was later deleted.

Is this all for real?

Is this all for real?

Yesterday, Lee Joon posted a message that talked about how he had been patient enough. This message has currently been deleted, but many believe that it has something to do with the recent crisis with Oh Yeon Seo.

Lee Joon, who is currently a couple with actress Oh Yeon Seo, on MBC “We Got Married,” recently had a dating scandal with actor Lee Jang Woo.

Oh Yeon Seo had stated that they were not dating and that it was just a scandal.

The message online had read, “Am I a robot. Who am I doing this for? I’ve been patient enough and I have my own opinions and thoughts too. Has anyone officially apologized to me. I feel so sorry for lying and being fake in front of people. I am a person so I cannot do anymore fake acting.”

Many believe that he is referring to the scandal with Oh Yeon Seo and Lee Jang Woo and how that effects his role in the show.

J. Tune Camp, his agency commented that they have not confirmed yet whether he did in fact write the message himself.