Jay Chou: back with new album entitled Opus 12 and a set of new abs

1 Jan

Album Cover Version 1

Album Cover Version 1

Showing off his abs

Showing off his abs

Jay Chou recently revealed the cover of his new album, “Opus 12″ that will be out soon.

As reported on Asianpopnews, the “Opus 12″ album cover plays on the theme of mythical fantasy, depicting Jay as a knight riding on a unicorn and ready to gallop into a magical forest.

The singer, who recently spent a lot of time in the gym, displayed proof of his hard work on the cover by wearing a black lacy transparent outfit in the photo, showing off his well-toned body.

Meanwhile, the singer-songwriter has recently launched his new music video for new song, “Ming Ming Jiu”, which was filmed in the scenic Scotland’s Edinburgh recently.

Jay explained that he chose the location for his music video because “I was hoping to let my fans enjoy the lavish setting and good music at the same time.”

The singer revealed that while filming for the MV, he also took pictures of the scenery and described the surroundings to his trusted lyricist, Vincent Fang. The latter then turned it into lyrics and sent it to Jay the next day.


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