Gillian Chung and rumoured Korean boyfriend caught in Beijing dating.

1 Jan
Caught dating in Beijing with Mr. Kwon

Caught dating in Beijing with Mr. Kwon

Hong Kong singer Gillian Chung was recently spotted meeting her ‘kimchi boyfriend’ Kwon in Beijing. Despite keeping a distance at the airport and checking into the same hotel separately, Kwon sent a private car to fetch Gillian to a restaurant for a dinner date the next day.

They were said to be behaving intimately during the dinner, whispering and gazing into each other’s eyes from time to time.

When asked if Kwon was in Beijing to accompany Gillian on her work trip, her manager replied, “She was there to film a music video with Anson Hu (Chinese singer). I will not comment on personal matters.”

Although Gillian has openly talked about her relationship status before, she has been protective of her new boyfriend and has refused to reveal his identity. Kush, a member of Korean duo Stony Skunk, was earlier speculated to be her beau, and she had to step out and clarify that he is her boyfriend’s buddy, after the rumour caused fans from both sides to break out in verbal dispute.

Nevertheless, sources revealed that her real beau Kwon is a famous South Korean movie producer who is close friends with a number of popular celebrities in the industry, such as Big Bang’s G-Dragon.

Kwon reportedly graduated from the reknowned Seoul National University and is in his thirties. He flies to Hollywood often to discuss international film productions and each project is said to earn him millions of Hong Kong dollars.

On the other hand, the Twins member is rumoured to have applied for leave during the festive season as she planned to spend Christmas with her boyfriend and to visit his parents in South Korea.

Source: Xinmsn


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