Harry Chang rumoured to be in new relationship after Cheryl Yang

1 Jan
During better times.

During better times.

Da Mouth vocalist Harry Chang was seen shopping at a lifestyle store in Taipei last week. Following his separation with actress Cheryl Yang in August, it is believed that the gifts he purchased were for his new beau.

Harry was on his phone while choosing the presents and eventually decided on two gift items: a comb shaped like a handgun and a coaster worth NT$780 (S$33) in total.

Refuting rumours of a new love interest in his life, Harry’s manager Katie maintained that Harry is single when a reporter called to clarify on the relationship status of the 30-year-old singer. As for the presents he bought, she explained that they were for a gift exchange with the filming crew.

On the other hand, Cheryl, who recently divulged that she has no lack of suitors at the moment, mentioned that she spent Christmas Eve with girlfriend Elva Hsiao. She sent her festive greetings to the fans via the web and wrote: “I wish for everyone to find love in this heart-warming Christmas season.

When asked if she received any gift from her ex-beau, Cheryl replied via her manager, I received many presents, but not his.


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