Michelle Ye & Raymond Lam a Passionate Love Story in ‘Purple Hairpin Romance’

1 Jan


Mainland drama The Purple Hairpin Romance starring Hong Kong stars Raymond Lam and Michelle Ye is currently filming in Hengdian. Michelle plays the song girl, Huo Xiao Yu (Fok Siu Yuk), who has blissful fate with Raymond’s character Wang Shan Ke (Wong Sam Hak). Unfortunately, destiny plays games with them, the two goes through a bumpy road.

According to the production crew, for a more touching story, Michelle and Raymond practically washed their face with tears. Even the behind the scenes staff couldn’t help, but to say “they saved up 10 years of tears and used it all up!” When speaking of Michelle rather put efforts into crying scenes, Raymond frankly expressed: “Very fortunate Michelle and my own emotions were able to turn bitter quickly, so we basically had no NGs in these bitter and sad crying scenes. We completed it all in one take. This is the probably the most crying I’ve done in my 10 year acting career and the most heartaching drama. “

Collaborating again after 10 years, Michelle expressed although its been 10 years since she’s seen Raymond, their friendship did not fade off at all. She said: “I remember my first day at work with Raymond, I couldn’t help but to say to him, ‘Ah, our chemistry is still the same, didn’t change.’ Just an eye expression and we take the same action without any words. It turn out time and distance can’t affect chemistry. Both of us are greatly gratified by this fact.”

Source: Sina Entertainment, Credit: 21CN.com
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum

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