Raymond Lam & Kate Tsui Loaded with Jobs Despite Losing Awards

1 Jan


Raymond Lam and Kate Tsui were the hot favorites for TV King and Queen at the TVB Anniversary Awards 2012, but unfortunately they lost to Wayne Lai and Tavia Yeung. Today on Christmas day, they are busy with their own jobs.

Kate just finished shooting the Lunar New Year film (I Love HK 2013) and will be busy from the beginning to the end of the new year. It’s a rare opportunity that she gets a day off, so Kate tries to have the best of fun with her family and friends as they gather for a Christmas party. Tomorrow, she’ll be going back to work in Beijing and will celebrate a White Christmas there while she’s at it. Kate smiled and said it’s a memorable Christmas. Kate reveals her relatives trained her since she was a child to attain the position of “Big 2 Master” in hopes of winning.

Although Kate lost the TVB Queen award, she is still loaded with jobs and will have a prosperous new year. When asked what Christmas gift she’s getting herself as a reward? Kate said: “I’ve always wished to live with my family, in fact, what I want most is to buy a bigger house, so we can all live together. I am currently saving up for the down payment.” Kate didn’t receive the TV Queen title, but when compared to Tavia, she won the audience’s hearts. When asked if she feels that’s more important than the award? She said: “The speech I made on stage is from the bottom of my heart. I feel so warm knowing so many colleagues like me. I’ve gained a lot.”

Raymond and Kate’s relationship is like ‘aiya’ siblings, does Kate feel its a pity that he didn’t get the TV King award? She said: “Of course I feel disappointed, Ah Fung (Raymond) is a three-habitat artist (triple threat), he handles all three areas of TV, film and music really well.”

As for Raymond, he is shooting a Mainland drama during the Christmas holidays, and will not be able to celebrate with his family. Raymond is also holding a concert in January, so aside from shooting his series, he has to record songs and rehearse for the concert. That’s a packed schedule for both artiste in the new year.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum


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