Wayne Lai Claims He’s a TV King Bargain

1 Jan


Yesterday afternoon Wayne Lai, Nancy Wu and Kristal Tin attended a Christmas event and played games with the audience. Wayne expressed he has several jobs to earn extra income from Christmas to the Lunar New Year holidays. Since he continues as the TV King, he is getting paid the same amount, no wonder he joked he’s a bargain, “I haven’t had a pay raise in years. (Go to Mainland to shoot dramas and earn the real money like Kevin Cheng?) I don’t really care for that, I love my son so much, how could I bear to leave him behind for so long?” It was recently reported Wayne’s wife Julia is pregnant. Yesterday Julia accompanied her husband to the event and clarified the rumor: “Of course not, before when our son was still young, we were trying everyday, but not anymore. If I’m really pregnant, I will announce on Weibo.”

As for Kristal, reporters kept asking her questions regarding ATV firing 5 of their artists. She helplessly said: “Can’t help it. Artists just want more opportunities to perform, not going back to the company to punch in (time cards). I will pray for my former colleagues. It’s useless talking about it, just get frustrated the more we talk about it.”

Nancy expressed this year she spent Christmas with her boyfriend for the first time, but they celebrated together with a large group of friends. She laughed: “Christmas was celebrated like a normal day, the atmosphere is much more lively with more friends.” What Nancy really wants is to work with Wayne to earn more money together by attending more shows in pairs.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum


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