Dongwoo reveals that the INFINITE members have had fist fights with each other

4 Jan
Be Mine is still my favourite song. LOLS.

Fist Fight Kpop boys

Be Mine is still my favourite song. LOLS.
Fist Fight Kpop boys

Full interview in Korean:

In the January 4th broadcast of YTN‘s ‘News12-Issue & People‘, INFINITE H revealed behind-the-scenes stories about their teamwork.

Dongwoo opened up about pairing up with Hoya to form INFINITE H and shared, “Hoya and I both like to listen to hip hop. My representative told us that we suit each other well and subsequently, we began to promote ‘Without You‘.” Hoya also shared, “My teamwork with Dongwoo is fairly good. That was a joke but honestly, we match very well. Before INFINITE was created during our trainee period, the two of us said to each other that it would be nice if we formed a hip hop team.”
When asked if the INFINITE members ever fight, Dongwoo revealed, “Between our members, we are honest with each other in a manly way, and we have to speak to each other with respect to get along. But when we fight, there were times that we had fist fights with each other. Sometimes, we just have to use our strength. Who fought with whom is a secret. I don’t think it’s a bad thing. We still have a lot of growing up to do. We should experience fist fighting with each other when we’re young. We also have to experience taking the wrong path”, sharing his perspective on coming into maturity.


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