JYJ Junsu burst out singing at his Ballad & Musical Concert

4 Jan

The expression ‘Sold Out in a couple of minutes’ is just meaningless when you talk about this superstar singer. About 20,000 tickets was prepared to be sold but but more than 200,000 fans wanted to get their hands on those tickets.

21,000 tickets of ‘XIA Ballad :Musical Concert with Orchestra’, held by the 27-year-old star Junsu Kim (XIA Junsu), were sold out right after the sales begun on the Interpark website at 20:00 on NOV 04, leaving a record of 200,000 marks of simultaneous log-ins at the same time.

After his debut in the musical which sold out 45,000 seats at the Grand Theatre of Sejong Centre for the Performing Arts, many idol singers started to follow along and attempt to enter the musical industry, but no one has ever been able to shake the industry like Junsu so far.

The concert on DEC 31 revealed why Junsu Kim is not just an ordinary idol, but a real superstar.

This boy can SING. He's belting out ladies! Xia Junsun

This boy can SING. He’s belting out ladies! Xia Junsun

The venue was at Hall D at COEX, Gangnam in Seoul which holds about 7,000 seats (per day). The concert continued for about 3 hours, it started at 22:00 on DEC 31 and finished around 01:00 on JAN 01. There were various languages being heard throughout the venue; Korean dialects, Chinese and Japanese at every part of COEX building 3~4 hours prior to the start of the concert. The corridor of COEX was filled with middled-aged women, most of them tourists with a suitcase hoping to catch a glance of the superstar in action.

The performance started with ‘I am, I am Music’ and ‘I want to get out of my fate’ from the musical. He continued with ‘The Last Dance’ from which he had won Best Actor for a Leading Role at 18th Korean Musical Awards, and also sang ‘This Is The Moment.’ The emotion and appealing expression based on outstanding natural singing ability were enough to prove that his success in musicals (that singing becomes acting itself) was not just pure luck.


His manner of controlling the atmosphere was also outstanding by playing on the audience with a lot of requests from them. “I became 27 years old, and it makes me feel like I became grandfather as an idol singer!”, he joked, but also made the venue collapsed by the resounding cheers of the audience when he said that “I would burn myself no matter how hard the dance may be, if I could be able to be on TV”, after the stage of ‘Tarantallegra’.

On that day, he was truly a role model who epitomizes a soul that withstood hardship and external pressure. Fans cheered him on by shouting “OPPA” meaning big brother in Korean to show their support and a little brother they want to care for.

The special guest of the concert was his mother. He invited his mother to the stage saying “Today is the day that my dream comes true”. Before he debuted as a singer, he had promised his mother whose dream was becoming a vocalist to make her dream come true when he became a singer. His mother shed tears of gratitude after singing together with her son.

Meanwhile, his next musical adventure remains uncertain. While every big musical wants him to be their leading actor, it is rumoured he might perform again in July 2013. However, his management team C-JES Entertainment announced that his comeback in the musical industry is undecided since JYJ’s activities for the new year remains up in the air.
Source: Chosun via Daum
Translated by: http://dedicatee.wordpress.com


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