Rain Under Military Investigation After Relationship Revealed

4 Jan
Korean soldiers are jealous of Rain's excessive leaves..22 days more!!

Korean soldiers are jealous of Rain’s excessive leaves..22 days more!!

After Rain and Kim Tae Hee revealed that they have been spending time together and have gotten into a relationship, the South Korean military has begun an investigation on Rain’s activities while granted leave from his duties.

Rain has been granted leave 25 times in the past year to work on recordings and rehearsals as part of his role in the military’s PR Support Team. Earlier this year, Rain was criticized for being allow to take over 60 days off, 22 days more than average, calling into question whether or not the singer has been abusing his position in the PR Support Team to spend personal time with Kim Tae Hee.

While the investigation is still fresh and no wrong doing has been proven, many have already condemned Rain for getting special treatment, presumably for being a celebrity. Many believe that he should be treated like any other soldier while enlisted in the military, feeling that his treatment is unfair.

Source: Jpopasia

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