Taeyeon Caught Playfully Grabbing YoonA by Her Neck Collar at a Store

7 Jan
Playfully forcefully cute!

Playfully forcefully cute!


Recently on an online community, a short video was uploaded under the title, “Taeyeon is a scary leader who grabs YoonA by her collars.”

The video was filmed at the SMTOWN Popup Store where Girls’ Generation members visited on January 2 to promote their new album “I Got a Boy.”

In the video, the members walk into the store, guided by the bodyguards. Suddenly, Taeyeon appears to get annoyed at YoonA for something. Taeyeon grabs YoonA by her collar and starts to shake her. Then, YoonA appears to explain something, and Taeyeon seems playful and sheepish and lets YoonA go.

Netizens who saw this video commented, “They must be really close,” “They are so cute joking around,” “Taeyeon is such a good leader.”

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation performed “I Got a Boy” for the first time on January 3, 2013, at Mnet’s “M! Countdown.”


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