G.NA & Jong-Hoon trembles as they hold hands during first meeting

8 Jan

G.NA and JongHoon revealed how they nervous they looked as they held hands.

On the broadcast of tvN ‘The Romantic and Idol’ G.NA and FT Island JongHoon had finger skin-ship on their first date.

On this day, JongHoon said to G.NA, “Noona, let’s not be like this, let’s walk to the front over there holding our hands”, as he gently grab G.NA’s hands.

Reacting towards Jong-Hoon’s sudden skin-ship suggestion, G.NA embarrassingly said, “My hands are cold.”

Awww, they both wanted it......i knew it!

Awww, they both wanted it……I knew it!

Their sudden hand holding, selca-taking and sweet gestures have shown their true feelings. JongHoon spoke on an interview, “G.NA has a strong image, but her lips were trembling. It was cute. I could feel her charm”, he expressed.

G.NA commented, “My hands were cold. Jonghoon’s hands were warm. He melted my hand. I liked that,” as she smiles.

In other news, after meeting Jewelry’s Yewon, Jonghoon revealed that he likes Yewon and chose Yewon instead in the ‘Heart Message’ (Sending the name of the person that they like to the production crew). G.NA, on the other hand, chose JongHoon in her ‘Heart Message.’

Trans: MrsDooB2uty @ Loveindacube.wordpress.com
Source: Newsen

Take a look at the teaser:

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