Go Young Wook stole MBLAQ’s Lee Joon Ex-girlfriend…..

9 Jan
Lee Joon confesses Go Young Wook stole his girlfriend......

Lee Joon confesses Go Young Wook stole his girlfriend……

Lee Joon of MBLAQ‘s previous remarks about Go Young Wook, who is currently being investigated for sexually assaulting minors, have come to light once again.

On a previous episode of SBS‘ ‘Strong Heart‘, Lee Joon revealed that the former Roo’ra member had stolen two of his past girlfriends. Lee Joon stated, “She was a girlfriend I really loved and cared about, but after seeing Go Young Wook’s name appear on her cell phone, we broke up.”

At the time, viewers criticized Lee Joon for speaking about his sunbae in a negative manner, but considering the recent accusations against Go Young Wook, they’ve now changed their tune.

Netizens commented, “I called out Lee Joon for having no manners, but now that I look at it again…”, “I completely understand Lee Joon now”, “What’s Go Young Wook going to do?”, and more.

In related news, Go Young Wook will be undergoing a trial at Seoul Western District Court on the 10th KST for misconduct against and sexual abuse of four different minors. It will then be decided whether or not he’ll be detained.

Check out a clip of Lee Joon’s story below.


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