Jolin Tsai to Show Luo: “Find yourself a girlfriend!”

9 Jan


Show Luo held a series of four concerts at Taipei Arena starting from 4 January 2013. On his second show, Show invited pop diva Elva Hsiao as a guest performer and hyped up the concert with their fiery dance. For the last two shows, he invited Jolin Tsai and Pauline Lan as his guest performers.

At his afternoon show yesterday, Taiwanese host-singer Pauline Lan made a guest appearance at the concert. Dressed in a revealing vest which showed her glittering bra, Pauline flaunted her awesome figure during her performance. The 47-year-old even jokingly said, “I am worried that the fans will mistake me for Rainie Yang!”

For his finale show in the evening, Show wowed the audiences by inviting pop princess Jolin to end the spectacular show. Jolin made a grand entrance on stage by singing Show’s hit track Jin Wu Men and imitated his dancing steps. Show refused to lose out to her and danced her recent track The Great Artist .

Dressed in a sexily revealing blouse and tight shorts, Show went over and requested a kiss from Jolin. The embarrassing Jolin immediately used her hands to block Show from invading towards her.

“Where are you hiding? Give me some face,” exclaimed Show.

Jolin rebuked Show and said, “Find yourself a girlfriend, please!”

Show replied, “How about yourself?”


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