Jessica from Girls’ Generation Hospitalized due to Faint Spells and Exhaustion

10 Jan
Bright eyed Jessica...get well soon

Bright eyed Jessica…get well soon

Jessica from girl group Girls’ Generation was taken to the hospital after the singer and actress allegedly fainted backstage of her musical.

On January 8th, Jessica’s body was not in good conditions while she was doing her musical “Legally Blonde”.

During the show, Jessica dropped to the floor twice and her legs kept trembling but she was able to complete her act.

After she was done, she was taken to the hospital, where the rest of Girls’ Generation rushed to see her. Fellow member Seo Hyun was present at her musical, and she was the one who told the rest of the group about her condition.

Girls’ Generation’s schedule has been jam-packed since their comeback to the Korean music scene on January 1st. The group had have interviews, music shows appearances, variety show filming, photo shootings as well as a virtual concert.

This is not uncommon for popular girl groups. Many have been victims of such crazy schedules where members collapse. This does not permit them to take the necessary time for the body to recuperate.

We wish her to get well soon!



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