JYJ Kim Jae Joong’s Birth Mother Denies that She Abandoned Kim Jae Joong as a Child

10 Jan


Kim Jae Joong’s birth mother has opened up on the long, complicated relationship between her and her son.

Kim Jae Joong’s mother, Oh Seo Jin, recently filmed an appearance on TV Chosun’s Grand Life where she shed light on her family’s difficult early years.

She clarified the rumors that she had abandoned Kim Jae Joong as a child saying, “After divorcing when [Kim Jae Joong] was a young child, we went through many hardships in life. At the advice of a close person, I ended up sending him to another house but I did not realize this was giving him up for adoption.”

Afterwards, some 20 years passed before Oh Seo Jin would reunited with her hallyu star-turned son again. However, their happy reunion quickly became a source of hurt for Oh Seo Jin, as many individuals began publicly expressing her as an abandoning mother who was only reuniting with her son now, after his success.

The harsh and negative comments she began to receive proved overwhelming for Oh Seo Jin who shared that she even attempted suicide over the malicious words.

The mother and son, have since, largely moved on from their difficult and pain-filled past, but as Oh Seo Jin shared, “I hope that my painful past will become a stepping stone for other families and offer them comfort and help.”

The story and more will air on TV Chosun on January 11.

Photo Credit: TV Chosun


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