Oh Yeon Seo pours her heart out to Lee Joon about her dating scandal and rumours on ‘We Got Married’

13 Jan


Actress Oh Yeon Seo poured her heart out to MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon on January 12th’s ‘We Got Married 4‘.

It was the first time the on-screen couple met in person after Oh Yeon Seo’s recent scandal broke out with her ‘Oh Ja Ryong‘ co-star Lee Jang Woo.

Oh Yeon Seo expressed her fears before Lee Joon arrived, stating, “I feel like running away because I’m scared, I’m worried about how to greet him, and I wonder if I can look him in the eyes as I talk to him. What do I do?”

When her on-screen husband arrived, things were a bit tense and silent. Oh Yeon Seo then said, “I’m not sure what I should say first or how I should say it, but I’m really sorry.” She went on, “I was really surprised too. I was surprised by the dating rumors. It was so sudden, I didn’t know what to do. After thinking about whether I should call you or not, I thought I should speak to you about it in person.”

The actress admitted that she and Lee Jang Woo did become friends after filming the drama together, and they have had meals as well as tea together to talk. However, she stated she had no idea photos of the two would turn into dating rumors.

Oh Yeon Seo continued, “This is the first time this has happened to me. [I think I may have sat back and let it happen]. That’s why the pictures were taken. I was worried about you. I was worried that you would see the headlines in the news and get shocked or hurt by them.”

After hearing her out, Lee Joon shared, “Truthfully, I was really angry. I thought I was the one who was harmed, but after seeing your face and thinking about it from your perspective, I understand now. I thought how thankful I would be if I was in a position like that and my partner came out to meet me.” He then added, “To be honest, I was sleeping [when it happened], so I thought it was a dream. In one way, I really hated you. I thought, ‘How could she do this?’ I’ve carefully thought about it, and you have nothing to hide so how can I not believe you?”

Oh Yeon Seo burst into tears after his words. Lee Joon commented during his solo interview, “I felt sorry for her. I really understand how she must feel and what kind of situation she was in.”

***Why is this getting so serious? Aren’t their relationship and marriage pretend and fake anyways? Weird, I’m sure they got too involved emotionally……what do you think?

Check out the video!


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