Girl’s Generation Garners American Music Critics with Positive Outpour of Praises!

14 Jan

American outlets can′t seem to get enough of Girls′ Generation (SNSD), as the praise continues to pour.

Following the praise garnered from Billboard, MTV and Popdust, SNSD′s I Got a Boy managed to draw the attention of Rolling Stone and Time on January 11 (local time).

Rolling Stone said about the song, “It took the most beloved of all Korean girl groups (and a handful of Euro writers) to finally deliver a song as sharply plotted and blindingly razzle-dazzle as the K-pop machine itself,” while Time said, “Its catchy, multi-genre, Korean-language title track, “I Got a Boy,” has garnered more than 25 million views since Dec. 31. […] But many of the video′s viewers are not in South Korea. Jane Choi, the band′s U.S. marketing rep, spoke to TIME about what′s next for the band—and she says that the biggest market for the video′s YouTube viewership is in the United States.”

Despite the hot debates regarding the song, it has managed to rise to the top of music charts in Korea, and stayed on no. 1 on the Hanteo charts for two weeks in a row. The song even won the group the winning trophy on Mnet′s M Countdown and KBS2′s Music Bank.

Photo credit: SM Entertainment


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