JYJ Jaejoong Finally Releases Amazing “MINE” MV and Lyrics

16 Jan
What an eyelash he's got there.....

What an eyelash he’s got there…..

JYJ member Jaejoong finally released his title song from his mini debut album today, “Mine” music video!

His agency commented, “For this music video we used top quality equipment and computer graphics. We also used a lot of special effects to create a unique video.”

The set for the shoot was also very large scale as there were 7 different sets created for the video shoot.

The singer has already impressed fans with his pre-release, “One Kiss“, which is quickly rising to the top of various music charts in several countries.

C-Jes Entertainment previously revealed that the MV was filmed for 60 hours straight, and Jaejoong impressed the staff with his dedication to scenes that were potentially dangerous. The MV, which was produced around the concept of “dark angel”, was filmed on seven sets in all.

Check out the MV for Jaejoong’s first solo mini-album title track below!

MINE by Jae Joong

Hangul Romanized Lyrics:
Lyric added by: elenko94

Neon jidokhae
Byeonge geollin saramgata neon
Bimyeong sok gin pokjue ppajin dok
Imi nan iksukhan dok

Wae ireoke sikkeureopge sorijireulkka (okay)
Kkumeul kkaejulge wae heomuhae
Yeogin ojima naui badaya
Saenggakjido motan geotgwa ssaugi bappa
Nae badaya naui badaya
Nareul bichun taeyangmajeo gariryeo hajima


Dalkomhan kwaerageun neomu dara
Nal ontong samkyeobeoryeo

Wae ireoke sikkeureopge hago danilkka (okay)
Ullyeopeojige malhalge
Yeogin ojima naui badaya
Yeogimajeo oyeomdoeeobeorilkka duryeowo
Nae badaya naui badaya
Nareul bichun taeyangmajeo gariryeo hajima


Naui badaya
Nareul bichun taeyangmajeo gariryeo hajima

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