Kpop actor Hyunbin handwritten a Thank You letter to Fans

19 Jan

After being discharged from his military life since March of 2011, actor Hyunbin is set to be making his comeback to the entertainment world soon. On January 18th, a hand-written letter from Hyunbin was revealed through his official website.

Cute writing

Cute writing

The hand-written letter said, “Thank you very much for waiting for a long time. The time when everyone was waiting for me, I learned and experienced a lot and the time when I felt everyone’s unchanging love for me. As much as you gave me your love, I hope to return to show you with better projects and appearance. Always be healthy and thank you. I love you all.”

After two years of hiatus, having been away to serve his military duties as part of South Korean national’s duty, Hyunbin expressed his thanks to his fans for waiting for him for such a long time. He hinted towards his comeback, which is anticipated to happen very soon.

Netizens who read Hyunbin’s letter expressed their excitement by commenting, “Oppa, your letter is perfect, awesome,” “Hurry back quickly! I’m waiting for a long time!” “Drama or movie, anything is good, just hurry!” and more.

Are you excited for Hyunbin’s comeback?


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