SNSD’s Yoona and Hyoyeon shares and promotes their recipe “I Curry Boy”

20 Jan



SNSD YoonA & Hyoyeon’s ‘I Curry Boy’ recipe revealed!!


‘Happy Together 3’ a popular cooking show in South Korea invites celebrities to cook their own dishes and introduce their own special recipes. Last night! YoonA and Hyoyeon was invited as a duo to introduce their special dish of fried rice called “I Curry Boy’ a play on their comeback track “I GOT A BOY” that’s currently dominating the airwaves.

YoonA explained how she came up with her recipe; “I went to my kitchen to eat, and there were kimbap, curry, but no rice to mix up with the curry powder. So I tried Kimbap with curry, and it was good.”

So that was the beginning of this weird ‘I curry boy’ dish. And the duo sang ‘I Curry Boy’ into their new song , as “I curry boy mutjin” instead of “I got a boy mutjin.”

singing to "I curry a boy mutjin"

singing to “I curry a boy mutjin”

And that’s how they came up with the name for this recipe.

This dish is unique in the combination of kimbap ingredients mixed with curry powder.

Here’s the recipe! Let me know if you tried it in your kitchen today~

Here’s what you need:

-one long cut up kimbap, sliced garlic, olive oil, and curry powder and a cup of water.

Step 1:

Put some oil on your pan and placed some sliced garlic once the oil heats up

Step 2: Put chopped or broken kimbap in the pan and stir them with the garlic. Pour some water if it gets too dry

Step 3: When it’s properly mixed, and warm, then it’s ready to be served. Very simple!

Final product:



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