SNSD’s Yoona Reveals How the “Wonbin- Soyoung” Dating Rumour Began

21 Jan
Yoona, Soyoung, Hyoyeon

Yoona, Soyoung, Hyoyeon

Wonbin swimming

Wonbin swimming


During an appearance on KBS 2TV’s “Happy Together”, Girls’ Generation member YoonA discussed how rumors that fellow group member Sooyoung and actor Won Bin were dating had started.

According to YoonA, Won Bin had been photographed swimming and was posted online with the title “Won Bin Sooyoung”. Because “Sooyoung” also means “swimming” in Korea, the activity and the star were confused by some netizens who took it as the two being together.

After rumors that Won Bin and Sooyoung were dating began circulating, Sooyoung took a picture of a report and sent it to her group mates. “I got into a scandal with Won Bin. Isn’t it funny?,” she reportedly said according to Hyoyeon, another guest on the program.

While the baseless rumors were amusing at first, as the scandal progressed, things became more serious as Sooyoung had to defend herself and fight back against the rumors.

“Sooyoung suffered a bit emotionally,” Hyoyeon shared.

Sooyoung is not the only Girls’ Generation member to suffer from an unfounded dating scandal. In November of 2012, as rapper PSY was at the top of his international fame with his smash hit “Gangnam Style”, a Chinese publication claimed that he was having an affair with Girls’ Generation’s YoonA, though evidence was never presented.

written by: Aysohmay@JPA


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