BoA’s dating Taemin from Shinee? Is BoA a Cougar? See Couple Picture Revealed!

25 Jan
Taemin and BoA on a couch

Taemin and BoA on a couch

‘Are They Really 7 Years Apart?’

Today, SM Entertainment’s Facebook posted a picture of BoA and Taemin’s couple picture. The two are sitting down on a sofa together like a couple.

Taemin had his arm around BoA’s shoulder and looked at her with loving eyes, and BoA shyly glance away smilingly in his arms.

The two in real life are 7 years apart, and BoA is much more experienced as a singer than Taemin is. But in the picture, no hint that they there’s any age difference between the two superstars.

It looks like it’s only a promotional stunt from SM Entertainment to promote BoA’s newest single “Disturbance”
The picture is the album jacket for BoA’s new song ‘Disturbance,’ which will be released on the 26th.

Photo Credit: SM Entertainment


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