Kpop Boyfriend Idol Group Give Free Hugs to fans in Myeongdong!

2 Feb


Rising idol group Boyfriend recently caused all pedestrian traffic in Myeongdong to come to a halt when they made an unannounced appearance with their toddlers, as seen on new variety show “Boyfriend’s Hello Baby.“

On this day Boyfriend went on foot to Myeongdong to give free hugs to fans. Although it started to rain, more than one hundred pedestrians gathered to receive a hug from the adorable idols

During the free hug event, fans were asked to vote for their favorite member. The member who won the most amount of votes was none other than Minwoo.

After the free hug event, Boyfriend also put on a mini concert for fans by singing hit tracks “I YAH” and “Janus” while toddlers Jungmin and Ilayda also danced on stage with their daddies.

This episode of “Hello Baby” is scheduled to air on February 1.

Check out Episode 1:


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