Pledis Entertainment Reveals New Boyband SEVENTEEN’s First Member!

2 Feb

New boyband Seventeen from Pledis Entertainment has introduced its first member.

Kim Min Gyu

Kim Min Gyu

Pledis is going to present a new boy band this year formed by 17 boys who will promote simultaneously in Korea, Japan and China.

During the past few months the agency has shared a few hints about the new band as well as some videos featuring the boys who are training in order to debut. The official list of members has been kept a secret until now since Pledis has finally introduced the 1st official member of the band.

Kim Min Gyu is the 1st confirmed trainee that will join the new group Seventeen. A few details about this boy have already been shared online and it has been said that he was born on April 6th 1997, which means he is 17 years old this year. Also he is known as “Kim Bum look-alike” because of his looks. It has also been mentioned that his height is 184 cm, weights around 65 kg and his blood type is B.



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