Song Hye Kyo returns to her drama roots with “Wind Blows in Winter” in 4 years..

17 Feb


Returning to the drama scene after almost four years, Song Hye Kyo went for the sexy bohemian look for fashion magazine, High Cut.

Looking younger than ever, Song Hye Kyo flaunted her flawless skin and beauty as she gave seductive poses to the camera.

Her big return to television comes with SBS “That Winter, the Wind Blows (Hangul: 그 겨울, 바람이 분다” a project that had her eager to start acting again.

“When I received the offer for the role, I read the synopsis and I loved it, especially the character of the male lead,” said the actress. “So excluding the lead actor, I said I’ll do it looking at three things – writer No Hee Kyung, Director Kim Kyu Tae, and the script. And then Jo In Sung got cast and everything just fell right into place. I believed it was a gift from the gods.”

When asked why she never comes out on variety shows, she said her personality is what’s stopping her.

“I think I’ll be really liked if I go on variety, but because I’m the type of person who’ll say what’s on her mind, everyone around me stops me.”

She hoped to go on variety shows this time around, but with the heavy mood of the drama, she added that she’ll be saving all of her variety skills for next time.


Just because she’s been out of the drama limelight doesn’t mean she hasn’t been paying attention. When asked which actor has been standing out for her, Song Hye Kyo answered Moon Chae Won.

“I personally like her. She’s very natural and has a delicate color to her. I started watching Nice Guy because of her.”

Wind Blows in Winter premiered on February 13.

Trailer: “That Winter, the Wind Blows” (Hangul: 그 겨울, 바람이 분다)

Photo Credit: High Cut



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