Korean Plastic Surgery Tumblr Gone Viral Online

23 Feb

Hello everyone!

Just came across this clip by the The Young Turks addressing plastic surgeries in South Korea.

I think one of the point she made in the clip hit the bulls eye!

She mentioned something like this: “In the west, people expect you to wear make up and and plastic surgery is often frown upon. But in Korea, if you got the means and ability to improve yourself, whether intellectually or physically, why not? It’s often encouraged if anything when it comes to self improvement”

Therefore, in South Korea where cosmetic advancement is abundant and affordable, it becomes commonplace like going shopping, without too “much” stigma attached. Stigma is still prevalent but it is relative.

Take a look:

Some crazy transformation below:
Source: kpsurgery.tumblr.com







Famous Thai Model: Before & After version เวียดนาม ค่ะ..Chan Than San

Famous Thai Model:
Before version เวียดนาม ค่ะ..Chan Than San

After version เวียดนาม ค่ะ..Chan Than San

After version เวียดนาม ค่ะ..Chan Than San

Famous model/actress Angelababy from Hong Kong: Considered to be the MOST SUCCESSFUL TRANSFORMATION:


Angela Baby before after plastic surgery 1

A graphic clip of a girl receiving the double eyelid surgery:

If you don’t like what you see, and if you got the money to do it and if you don’t mind the risk of ruining your entire face….then I say go for it!

Power to the people!


2 Responses to “Korean Plastic Surgery Tumblr Gone Viral Online”

  1. weluvsriracha November 20, 2013 at 11:56 pm #

    I don’t know if anyone else shares my point of view, but there is one thing i don’t like about The Young Turks’s video. It is said that Korean people undergo plastic surgery to look more western-like, which is absurd in my opinion.

    The ideal beauty for girls in Korea is to have double eye-lid, a nose in a semi-lunar shape (if you can call it this way) and a V or egg shaped face. Now it is true that western people do have double eye-lid but some Asians do too, it’s just a little uncommon. It’s actually this rarity that made it beautiful to them in the first place. As for the shape of the face, it clearly has nothing to do with the Occident.

    • Asia Popstars News November 21, 2013 at 2:24 am #

      I totally agree with you. The truth is no matter how much Asians do plastic surgeries, they will never look like a caucasian person..and the fact that they think asians are trying to be ‘white’ is such a colonial mentality..

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