Follower Week Day 3: Asia Pop Star News

15 Nov

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Afruitcake & Creamy Raneemy

On the third day of follower week, we are looking at Tommy Boi from his blog ‘Asia Pop Star News’. Image

BoA’s dating Taemin from Shinee? Is BoA a Cougar? See Couple Picture Revealed!

Taemin and BoA on a couch

Taemin and BoA on a couch

‘Are They Really 7 Years Apart?’

Today, SM Entertainment’s Facebook posted a picture of BoA and Taemin’s couple picture. The two are sitting down on a sofa together like a couple.

Taemin had his arm around BoA’s shoulder and looked at her with loving eyes, and BoA shyly glance away smilingly in his arms.

The two in real life are 7 years apart, and BoA is much more experienced as a singer than Taemin is. But in the picture, no hint that they there’s any age difference between the two superstars.

It looks like it’s only a promotional stunt from SM Entertainment to promote BoA’s newest single “Disturbance”
The picture is the…

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