Dara reveals thoughts about performing “Missing You” at MAMA 2013

20 Nov

2NE1 recently released their new song “Missing You” and is set to perform it on stage for the first time at the 2013 MAMA in Hong Kong.

In relation to this, Dara left a message through 2NE1’s official Naver LINE account on November 21:

“It feels new and exciting as it has been a while since we were able to do a performance in which we could focus on the song instead of running around everywhere to shake up the stage multiple times. We did a rehearsal a little while ago and whoo.. overflowing emotions.

I’m getting choked up again thinking that we are able to share this feeling with Blackjacks~ I hope many people will listen to this song so we could share this feeling . . . As you guys must be tired staying up all night to come to Hong Kong, let’s all sleep well now. Good job. Let’s do well on our first performance of ‘Missing You’ at the MAMA day after tomorrow.”

You will be able to see their very first performance on November 22 so make sure you check that out as well as their MV if you haven’t already!

Official video:

Source: @allkpop


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