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F4’s Vic Chou Sexified the Cover of GQ Taiwan

10 Jan

Vic Chou in Milan shooting for the Ferragamo line.


He says he has always preferred muted colors and likes dark blue because it makes him feel safe. Also, he says he tried many new things today like the bright-colored clothing, he was quite satisfied with the results, and he hopes everyone will go try something new and create their own future.

Check out the behind-the-scenes footage below:

Jolin Tsai to Show Luo: “Find yourself a girlfriend!”

9 Jan


Show Luo held a series of four concerts at Taipei Arena starting from 4 January 2013. On his second show, Show invited pop diva Elva Hsiao as a guest performer and hyped up the concert with their fiery dance. For the last two shows, he invited Jolin Tsai and Pauline Lan as his guest performers.

At his afternoon show yesterday, Taiwanese host-singer Pauline Lan made a guest appearance at the concert. Dressed in a revealing vest which showed her glittering bra, Pauline flaunted her awesome figure during her performance. The 47-year-old even jokingly said, “I am worried that the fans will mistake me for Rainie Yang!”

For his finale show in the evening, Show wowed the audiences by inviting pop princess Jolin to end the spectacular show. Jolin made a grand entrance on stage by singing Show’s hit track Jin Wu Men and imitated his dancing steps. Show refused to lose out to her and danced her recent track The Great Artist .

Dressed in a sexily revealing blouse and tight shorts, Show went over and requested a kiss from Jolin. The embarrassing Jolin immediately used her hands to block Show from invading towards her.

“Where are you hiding? Give me some face,” exclaimed Show.

Jolin rebuked Show and said, “Find yourself a girlfriend, please!”

Show replied, “How about yourself?”

Show Luo on kissing his mother: “Those who called me incestuous do not know what love is”

9 Jan


Show Luo on kissing his mum: “Those who called me incestuous do not know what love is”

Show Luo staged four concerts at Taipei Arena in three consecutive days from 4-6 January 2013. The series of concerts have drained him physically and mentally as he had to challenge difficult dance steps, performing dangerous stunts such as singing on a flying wheel. As a result, Show’s mother was terribly worried and had to even seek medication to stabilise her blood pressure.

At the post-concert celebration, Show said, “What I want to do now is to say sorry to my mother”. Show subsequently demonstrated his love for his mother by kissing her on her lips.

Earlier, the pop singer had been criticised as being incestuous for kissing his mother on her lips. Unfazed by the harsh criticisms, Show said, “Those who called me incestuous Show do not know what love is!”

He added, “I only have one mother. If I do not love her, who else will?”

The spectacular performance of the concert was his flying stunt around the theatre hall. Netizens even circulated his “flying man” picture and called it “the condor photo”. Show laughed and said, “It is really very big! My mum gave birth to it!”

During his flying man performance, his singing was off key. “I thought that it should be okay since it was only only for 4 shows. I felt very remorse about it. It is really very tough being a dancing singer”.

For his concert, Show has shed a lot of weight and his chin has even turned sharper. However, he only has one day of rest as he still has to shoot three commercials.


Cyndi Wang moved by Yuan Hao: “I will protect you”

9 Jan

Since declaring their reconciliation, Yao Yuan Hao and Cyndi Wang has been heavily slammed by the public. Although Cyndi had earlier indicated that she was not the cause of Yuan Hao and Sonia Sui’s breakup, many still regard her as the third party in the ex-couple’s 8-year relationship.

Cyndi revealed that what prompted her to patch things back with Yuan Hao was his caring gesture towards her during the time when she was sick in November last year. “I was sick for a very long time. He asked his friends to send me chicken soup everyday. I have never been cared this way before. Any girl will be touched,” said Cyndi.

Subsequently, Cyndi met Yuan Hao at a friend’s gathering and that changed her mind about giving up the romance. “He said he will protect me and my heart softened. Everything that I told myself all collapsed!”


Facing the public accusations of coming between Yuan Hao and Sonia, Cyndi said that she was still traumatised by the word “third party”. “Any girl will have felt something for that two words. He (Yuan Hao) will tell everyone that I am wronged. The whole matter is not like that”.

Cyndi added, “I will bear all consequences, be it good or bad”.

Sonia remains missing

Sonia reportedly was heartbroken when she heard of the reconciliation between her ex-boyfriend and Cyndi. Sonia has been uncontactable for days since returning to Taiwan after her movie promotion Fierce Wife in Chengdu. Her family also refused to divulge the actress’ whereabouts.

Asked if Sonia was back home, her sister replied vaguely, “We do not know. We did not see the newspapers and were not sure what happened”.

On the other hand, Sonia’s manager replied on her behalf, “Everything is hurting for her. We hope that it ends here. Please do not force Sonia anymore”.


Sonia Siu heartbroken over Yuan Hao and Cyndi’s romance?

9 Jan


After news of Yao Yuan Hao and Cyndi Wang’s reconciliation, Sonia Siu reportedly was heartbroken and went uncontactable after she returned from Taiwan yesterday.

On the day when tabloids reported Yuan Hao and Cyndi’s romance, Sonia wrote in in her Facebook, “I miss my home!” Returning from Chengdu from her movie publicity yesterday, Sonia went missing and did not even pick up call from her assistant.

The Fierce Wife producer Wang Pei-hua said that Sonia had not recovered from “her old wound and the new wound came again”. She could be returning to home so that her family can comfort her.

Asked if Sonia read the news on Yuan Hao and Cyndi’s reconciliation, Producer Wang said, “We read our news everyday”. She added, “I know she will get over it. She has acted so many dramas related to relationships and knows that such things emerge all the time. A lot of things are not up to the individual”.

Friends close to Sonia felt injustice for her and blasted the couple, “This pair is absolutely hurting others!”

Sonia’s good friend further revealed that Sonia could not walk out from her relationship with Yuan Hao despite filling her time with endless work. After all, she sacrificed her youth and spent her eight years with him.


Show Luo locks lips with Pauline Lan at Taipei Concert

9 Jan
sweet kisses

sweet kisses

Jolin Tsai guest stars and performs with Show Luo

Jolin Tsai guest stars and performs with Show Luo

The Taiwanese pop star made headlines when he locked lips with fellow Taiwanese artiste Pauline Lan during his concert in Taipei.

Singer-actor Show Luo gave his 2013 world tour concert ‘Over the Limit’ a show-stopping finale when he kissed Taiwanese singer-host Pauline Lan and shared the stage with pop princess Jolin Tsai. A total of four shows were organised for this world tour concert, and the third and last show was held consecutively on the same day.

At his third show, Show asked Pauline, his special guest performer, for a kiss on behalf of his deceased father. The latter obliged and the two raised temperatures in the concert arena when they shared a kiss on the spot. Pauline even teasingly commented that she was “willing to take off” her clothes and “burn them” for the 33-year-old’s father.

To up the ante for his last show, celeb pal Jolin guest-starred and the duo danced to each other’s hit songs, followed by a hip-hop dance collaboration.

Show then attempted to plant a kiss on Jolin’s lips as he did to Pauline, but to no avail . Jolin even refused his advances by blocking him with her hand.

To mark his fourth performance at the Taipei Arena stage, Show challenged his limits and successfully jumped down from a four-metre high stage to land on a cushioned floor stage – without the use of safety equipment.

Source: Xin MSN

Cyndi Wang on reconciliation with Yao Yuan Hao: I was moved by his words

9 Jan


The Taiwanese artiste was touched by the actor’s love promise and decided to rekindle their relationship.

“I was moved by his promise to protect me,” singer-actress Cyndi Wang shared at the backstage interview after her concert last weekend.

The 30-year-old artiste made her first public appearance after she was photographed sharing an intimate moment with Taiwanese actor Yao Yuan Hao on New Year’s Eve.

Cyndi confessed to news on their reconciliation and mentioned she was touched by the latter’s concern when she fell sick in November 2012.

She recalled, “[Yuan Hao’s] friend would send chicken soup on his behalf.”

When the pair met each other again last month, Cyndi broke down when Yuan Hao promised to “protect her”. She was widely speculated as the third party when Yuan Hao announced his break up from model, Sonia Sui in February last year.

The Taiwanese singer-actress has since decided to give both of them another chance and they rekindled their relationship soon after.

Cyndi was unfazed towards the public’s negative comments about the couple’s relationship and mentioned, “I have no regrets. I’ll bear the consequences.”

Source: Xin MSN

Jerry Yan dedicates love song for ….

3 Jan
Perfect couple.....

Perfect couple…..

In sweeter times......

In sweeter times……

At Mayday’s concert in Kaohsiung on 30 December 2012, Jerry Yan made a special guest appearance to support good friend, A-shin. Jerry also took the chance to declare his love for a special one on stage.

After the encore performance, Mayday’s vocalist A-shin said, “Everyone knows that Mayday seldom has guest performing at our concert, but I have a secret friendship”. F4 member Jerry then sprung up on stage and hyped up the whole concert, causing all the fans to scream.

The heartthrob then performed Mayday’s Taiwanese dialect song, Hao Bu Hao and said sentimentally, “Thank you Mayday for giving me a chance to stand here and fulfil my dream. This song has a significant meaning to me. I wish to dedicate this song to a very important person in my heart although she is not here today”.

The audiences subsequently shouted for his rumoured ex-girlfriend, Lin Chi-ling’s name. A-shin immediately rushed to Jerry’s rescue and said, “I know everyone is hoping that I will ask who that person is, but let’s allow Jerry to keep his little secret”.

During the performance, Jerry was emotional and tried to hold his tears when he sang, “Let me dote you, let me cherish you, let me hold you in my hands. My only hope is to give you happiness. Can I? ”

After the song, A-shin tried to liven up the atmosphere by asking Jerry, “Can I join F4?” The audiences all burst in laughter.

Regarding Jerry’s love dedication, Chi-ling’s manager responded on her behalf, “Happy new year to everyone. Please do not think too much. Hope that we have a better 2013”.

Source: mingpao,
Source Via: Asian Pop News

eVonne Hsu and boyfriend’s very public display of affection.

3 Jan
this passion gives me the strength to bear my heart and ......cleavage.....for my new album cover.

this passion gives me the strength to bear my heart and ……cleavage…..for my new album cover.

The paparazzi caught Evonne Hsu and her boyfriend, Buddy appearing lovey dovey in public!

Buddy was tagging along with Evonne for her New Year’s performance in Beijing. Evonne was spotted wrapping the arms of her boyfriend at the airport on 30 December 2012. The loving couple was seen dining at the Shangri-la Hotel the next day. During the dinner, Evonne was photographed leaning her head on Buddy’s shoulder and fed him with food lovingly. The couple reportedly walked back to the hotel room hand in hand after the meal.

There are also rumours that Evonne is tying the knot with Buddy this year. Evonne’s manager responded that the couple was currently in a stable relationship and marriage is a very natural process.

On the other hand, the 36-year-old singer will be launching her new album soon. To commemorate her 10th year in the showbiz, the demure Evonne changed her conservative image to a sexy new look and flaunted her cleavage in the new album cover.

Is Evonne’s fiery image due to her passionate romance?

Source: Asian pop news

Reunions: Cyndi Wang and Yao Yuan Hao rekindles love!

3 Jan

Love Affair...

Love Affair…

Hearbroken..and speechless Sonia Sui

Hearbroken..and speechless Sonia Sui

Last year, Cyndi was embroiled in a love triangle between Yuan Hao and his 8-year girlfriend Sonia Sui. Cyndi was implicated into the picture when Sonia announced her separation with Yuan Hao and hinted the presence of a third party.

Cyndi subsequently called for a press conference and admitted tearfully dating the actor briefly after he and Sonia broke up. Cyndi also expressed that she would never get back with Yuan Hao again.

However, tabloids took pictures of Cyndi and Yuan Hao celebrating the new year’s eve together with friends at Cyndi’s apartment. While Yuan Hao was making phone call, Cyndi reportedly glazed passionately at Yuan Hao. After that, Yao Hao was spotted hugging Cyndi from the back after his phone call.

Yuan Hao was seen several times at Cyndi’s apartment in December last year. The 31-year-old reportedly used his friend’s bike as a smokescreen to enter into Cyndi’s apartment and had access to her apartment freely.

In order to salvage his relationship with Cyndi, Yuan Hao reportedly apologised to her repeatedly. The couple had been keeping a low profile on their reconciliation until tabloids took pictures of them together at the new year’s eve.

The couple initially denied the reconciliation after their reconciliation rumours surfaced. After the pictures were published today, Yuan Hao changed his statement and replied through his manager, “That belongs to my friend’s house. I am only parking my bike there”.

This afternoon, Yuan Hao once again overturned his statement and admitted getting back with Cyndi.

“We just started dating. We bumped into each other at a friend’s gathering in early December and naturally developed our relationship,” said Yuan Hao through his manager.

Asked if it was a mutual agreement to open their romance, Yuan Hao’s manager said, “It’s because of you (reporters)”.

On the other hand, Cyndi has not responded yet.


Source: Asian Pop News.