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Elva Hsiao resembles Kai Ko’s mother? Case of Oedipus Complex?

2 Jan
Kai Ko and Elva Hsiao

Kai Ko and Elva Hsiao

Kai Ko and Mommy dearest... She looks just like Elva prior to her double eyelid surgery.

Kai Ko and Mommy dearest… She looks just like Elva prior to her double eyelid surgery.

Pre-surgery days....doesn't she look like Kai Ko's mommy?

Pre-surgery days….doesn’t she look like Kai Ko’s mommy?

Taiwanese actor Kai Ko recently caused a commotion among the online community after he uploaded a photo of his mother and himself on his microblog. In the picture, his 50-year-old mum smiled blissfully while she leaned on his shoulders and fans have pointed out that Kai’s girlfriend Elva Hsiao has the same crescent-shaped eyes when she smiles.

Sharp-eyed netizens made another observation on his mother’s youthful looks. Some fans commented that she looks like an ‘older sister’ beside him and Elva herself once openly praised Kai’s mum’s well-maintained appearance.

Due to recent comments made by netizens, some zealous Elva fans are worried that the songstress will be pressurized to take extra care of her looks.

However, it seems like Elva, who is on close terms with her ‘future mother-in-law’, is not ‘stressed’ at all. The 33-year-old even revealed that she specially bought a birthday gift for Kai’s mum and was not willing to share about the details of the present.

Emphasising that it is the thought that counts, she said, “I prepared something small. It’s a very practical gift!”

Source: Xinmsn

F4 to reunite after 4 years..

2 Jan
F4 is scheduled to perform in the Spring Gala Festival on Jiangsu TV

F4 is scheduled to perform in the Spring Gala Festival on Jiangsu TV

After much anticipation, F4 fans will finally get their dream come true: the popular Taiwanese boy band is reuniting onstage after four years. The four members, Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Vanness Wu and Ken Chu will be performing at Jiangsu TV’s Spring Festival Gala at the end of next month.

The boys will croon to a rendition of their hit tracks, such as “Meteor Rain,” that night. It is believed that they will be travelling to Beijing soon, and they are receiving a potential earnings of approximately RMB600million (S$1.17million) for this golden reunion.

F4 could have made a comeback at CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala earlier this year. However, the members could not coordinate their work schedules at that time, thus giving it a miss.

The boy band rose to fame after filming Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden in 2001. They became a popular icon in Asia’s entertainment scene and have since released three albums, which include the Mandarin cover of “Can’t Help Falling in Love”.

In 2008, F4 became preoccupied with their solo careers in acting and music, thus reducing group work assignments. They were last seen together performing at their concert in Japan in the same year.

Vic’s manager refused to comment on the reunion. On the other hand, Ken’s manager confirmed this good news indirectly, expressing, “[F4] has always received such invitations from the television stations.”

S.H.E new face of Nintendo 3DS

2 Jan

Nintendo made big in roads into Korea by aggressively localizing games and hiring celebrities like Girls Generation. It looks like Nintendo is eyeing Taiwan as their next destination with the Nintendo 3DS.

Nintendo is continuing to promote the 3DS by hiring celebrities as they did with North America and Korea. Nintendo recently hired a female pop group called S.H.E to promote the 3DS in Taiwan. Nintendo hired Taiwanese pop group S.H.E to do commercials for Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7. You can also add Selina, Ella, and Hebe to your Mii Plaza by scanning these QR codes.

SHE. Scan the barcode!

SHE. Scan the barcode!

Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land have been localized into Chinese. Nintendo of Taiwan also translated Nintendogs + Cats, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D (although this may be the iQue translation), and Resident Evil: Revelations into Chinese. That’s a pretty big step considering Nintendo of Taiwan only released eight Chinese language games during the Wii’s entire life cycle.

Source: Siliconera

Jay Chou: back with new album entitled Opus 12 and a set of new abs

1 Jan

Album Cover Version 1

Album Cover Version 1

Showing off his abs

Showing off his abs

Jay Chou recently revealed the cover of his new album, “Opus 12″ that will be out soon.

As reported on Asianpopnews, the “Opus 12″ album cover plays on the theme of mythical fantasy, depicting Jay as a knight riding on a unicorn and ready to gallop into a magical forest.

The singer, who recently spent a lot of time in the gym, displayed proof of his hard work on the cover by wearing a black lacy transparent outfit in the photo, showing off his well-toned body.

Meanwhile, the singer-songwriter has recently launched his new music video for new song, “Ming Ming Jiu”, which was filmed in the scenic Scotland’s Edinburgh recently.

Jay explained that he chose the location for his music video because “I was hoping to let my fans enjoy the lavish setting and good music at the same time.”

The singer revealed that while filming for the MV, he also took pictures of the scenery and described the surroundings to his trusted lyricist, Vincent Fang. The latter then turned it into lyrics and sent it to Jay the next day.

Harry Chang rumoured to be in new relationship after Cheryl Yang

1 Jan
During better times.

During better times.

Da Mouth vocalist Harry Chang was seen shopping at a lifestyle store in Taipei last week. Following his separation with actress Cheryl Yang in August, it is believed that the gifts he purchased were for his new beau.

Harry was on his phone while choosing the presents and eventually decided on two gift items: a comb shaped like a handgun and a coaster worth NT$780 (S$33) in total.

Refuting rumours of a new love interest in his life, Harry’s manager Katie maintained that Harry is single when a reporter called to clarify on the relationship status of the 30-year-old singer. As for the presents he bought, she explained that they were for a gift exchange with the filming crew.

On the other hand, Cheryl, who recently divulged that she has no lack of suitors at the moment, mentioned that she spent Christmas Eve with girlfriend Elva Hsiao. She sent her festive greetings to the fans via the web and wrote: “I wish for everyone to find love in this heart-warming Christmas season.

When asked if she received any gift from her ex-beau, Cheryl replied via her manager, I received many presents, but not his.

Barbie Hsu denies baby rumours

1 Jan

"I think the wax figure is too fat. I hope Madame Tussauds will do something to make the figure lose weight."

“I think the wax figure is too fat. I hope Madame Tussauds will do something to make the figure lose weight.”

Recent pictures of the sisters.

Thirty-six-year-old Barbie Hsu clearly lost her svelte figure of yesteryear when she appeared at an endorsement event recently, inciting speculation of a bun in the oven. However, the actress, who married Chinese entrepreneur Wang Xiaofei in 2010, denied the rumours on her microblog. She wrote: I will announce the news when I do get pregnant.

Barbie also admitted that her figure has indeed gone out out-of-shape’, saying, My cheeks have shifted out of position, my waist has thickened and my belly is growing freely’

Despite her clarifications, her ballooned figure sparked talks of a pregnancy’ which she again refuted on her microblog. “Everybody, please stop staring at my tummy and making guesses! There’s no way I can hide it if I’m really expecting!”

After tying the knot two years ago, Barbie has expressed her wish for a baby on several occasions and she once mentioned that her biggest dream in life at the moment is to have a child.

She claimed to be working hard at achieving her “goal’ and said, “There are many sacrifices to make at my age to get pregnant successfully and I hope everyone is a little more patient [for the good news]”