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IU transformation from older lady to Korea’s little sister….

19 Dec

Best Prices Canon EOS Rebel T5

20 Nov


Canon EOS Rebel T5 18MP EF-S Digital SLR Camera USA warranty with canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS [Image Stabilizer] II Zoom Lens & EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III Telephoto Zoom Lens + 58mm 2x Professional Lens +High Definition 58mm Wide Angle Lens + Auto Power Flash + UV Filter Kit with 24GB Complete Deluxe Accessory Bundle

List Price: $899.95
Price: $599.95 & FREE Shipping.
You Save: $300.00 (33%)

Canon EOS Rebel T5 Digital Camera SLR Kit With Canon EF-S 18-55mm IS II + Canon 75-300mm III Lens + 64GB Card and Reader + Camera and Lens Case + Spare Battery Pack + 2 58mm UV Filters + .45x Wide Angle Lens (58mm) + 2.5x Telephoto Lens (58mm) + Tripod + Digital Camera Cleaning Kit + Accessory Kit

Perfect for families, budding photo enthusiasts and first-time SLR users alike, the EOS Rebel T5 makes it easy to capture movies and photos that are nothing short of dazzling. It features a powerful 18.0 Megapixel CMOS (APS-C) image sensor and Canon’s DIGIC 4 Image Processor for easy recording of HD video and high-resolution photos and has a huge 3.0-inch LCD screen for Live View recording and review. With a 63-zone, Dual-layer metering system, an expanded ISO range for outstanding operation in less-than-perfect light, shooting modes like Scene Intelligent Auto to take the guesswork out of complex shots plus creative options like Canon’s Basic+ function and Creative Auto, the EOS Rebel T5 is ready for anything. With a helpful Feature Guide, rugged, lightweight construction and proven Canon design, the EOS Rebel T5 makes EOS SLR photography faster and easier than ever!

Prettiest Kpop Idols

19 Jan

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[rant] the stupidity of vocalist v. singer

2 Jan

Interesting debate!


I used to think I can be very snobby about things but I just stumbled across the “Taemin is a true vocalist” and “Jonghyun and Onew are [crappy] singers” arguments, which I think is shockingly even snobbier. Apparently, a singer sings only with their emotions and may not be properly trained, but the vocalist uses their voice like an instrument and has ‘techniques’ to produce different sounds and textures.

Frankly, this sounds like a load of donkey poo.


Right off the bat, these definitions imply that one is inferior to the other, as one uses ‘technique’ and the other does not, if one is a great vocalist then one is a great singer, but never the other way around. This is perplexing because as trained singers, which all of SHINee are, they all would be using ‘technique’ to craft their singing, though they may be at different levels.

In strict…

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[INFO] Hanteo’s Top-selling Artist of 2013 – Kim Jaejoong and XIA Junsu

2 Jan

Awesome news!


 photo Hanteo2013SingerAward.png
** This is Hanteo’s Top-selling Artist of 2013 (From January 1st to December 31th) with Kim Jaejoong as the only solo singer in the top 5, he ranked in 4th place with 228,166 Album sales (The sales include Mini-album “I” & Repackage Mini-album “Y” and “WWW” 1st Full Album).

** Meanwhile XIA Junsu ranked in 23rd place with 54,791 Album sales (The sales include “Incredible” 2nd Full Album + others).

** NO promotion in South Korea’s Music Programs and Variety Shows for Kim Jaejoong and XIA Junsu’s albums.

Credit: Hanteo
Shared By: JYJ3

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Rain Releases ’30Sexy’ and ‘LA Song’ MV + Full Album

2 Jan

Rain BI is back everyone!!

Daebak Koreans

Let’s bring out an umbrella because the Rain is pouring today. Actually, it’s snowing here, but Rain is back with his MVs and album, so check his music out!

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B1A4 Release MV Teaser For ‘Lonely’

2 Jan

B1A4!! New Release!


B1A4 are set to make their comeback January 13th with their second full length album!

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TVXQ – Something

2 Jan


Color Coded Heaven

Yunho | Changmin

She got that something,She got that something
She’s just a beautiful (hey hey hey)
Just a beautiful(hey hey hey)
Sh.. Watch out

Aha, yeah
I’m back

Jebal najom kkaeujima Eojetbam hansumdo motjatdanmallya
Sumanheun yeojadeul modu naega jotae
Aidol gatdaena mworaena

Soljikhi deomdeomhangibun
Eonjena naege kkochyeobeorinsiseondeul
Bulpyeonhaedo mwol eojjeogesseo maennal geuraewatdeongeol
Oneuldo nan burn like a fire

She got that something
neon naege bujokhaeyo stop baby
Dodohae boijiman nareul hyanghan nunbichi heundeulliji
Jomdeo bunbalhaeya doelkkeol
She got that something
Mangseorindamyeon naneun cry baby
Deulkijimalgo naege salgeumsalgeumsalgeum dagawajumyeon
Naega moreuncheok neomeoga jultende

Naega motdoen namjaramyeon
Yeojareul ullil namjaramyeon
Mulleonaneunge joha dachigijeone
Geobuhal su eomneungeol aljiman

Heunhadi heunhan
Namjadeuri jigyeowo jyeotdamyeon
Geudaero all in wiheomhan come in
Durihamkke burn like a fire

She got that something
Neon naege bujokhaeyo stop baby
Dodohae boijiman nareul hyanghan nunbichi heundeulliji
Jomdeo bunbalhaeya doelkkeol
She got that something
Mangseorindamyeon naneun cry…

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Happy New Year!!

31 Dec


Miss A “Hush” Music Video Review

8 Dec

Miss A!!! HUSH MV Review

K-POP On My Mind

I keep expecting the lyrics to be: “You touch my heart baaaaaby *hush*hush*, You touch me heart baaaby *hush*hush*”


The pace of the lyrics didn’t seem to match the pace of the instruments. The two lines right before each chorus had a completely different sound and disrupted it. It didn’t sound like one song, it sounded like three. The beat and pace changed too many times. It also ended too abruptly.

Score: 3/5


They were trying to make it so dramatic, but the lyrics aren’t dramatic. I couldn’t get why they were being so serious, even regardless of the lyrics. Why were they dancing in shower stalls and a messed up grocery store? It didn’t look especially nice nor give off any type of message.

Score: 2/5


I didn’t like nearly any of it. Turtleneck belly shirts do not look good. Shiny leggings do not look mature…

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