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IU transformation from older lady to Korea’s little sister….

19 Dec

#6 Shocking Kpop Scandal: Ailee nude photos released by allkpop

20 Nov



south korean Ailee scandal (3)


As anyone who watches the world of South Korean entertainment knows by now, Ailee became one of K-pop’s most talked about stars when the New Jersey-based website allkpop published unauthorized nude photos of the 24-year-old American-born singer on Nov. 10 2013.

The Ailee nude photos had been censored with black bars before being taken down completely from the site earlier that month, following thousands of negative reader comments.

6Theory Media, the parent company of allkpop, claims to have gotten the images from the anonymous image board AnonIB. But the fact that Ailee’s ex-boyfriend Daniel Lee, who is the vice president of content for allkpop, admitted that he attempted to sell the photos to Dispatch, has left many readers convinced that he leaked the photos.

Outrage over the incident has led some allkpop readers, most notably the editors of the British online publication Beyond Hallyu, to boycott the website completely.

SPEED’s “Sad Promise” music video becomes hot topic after being released.

9 Jan

SPEED’s “Sad Promise” music video has become a hot topic after being released.


After being released at noon on January 7th, SPEED’s drama and dance music videos created a huge response from the public and SPEED soon topped at #1 the real-time search rankings, including at GomTV, Naver, Daum and Nate.

“Sad Promise” is the work of the popular composer Duble Sidekick and features Davichi’s Kang Minkyung. Her calm and sweet voice contrasts with the powerful rapping of SPEED.

Kang Minkyung also made the promise that if the song can appear in the top 10 of charts, she will buy a new mobile phone for all the SPEED members because of how hard they worked.

Dance Version MV:

Drama Version MV:

Source: http://news.nate.com…/20130108n01885
Translated by: Nathaniel @ Core Clique

Kpop top stories of the year in 2012 Summary

1 Jan
Biggest news of 2012 in Kpop

Biggest news of 2012 in Kpop


Recap of the biggest stories from the Kpop industry in 2012.


First Quarter of 2012 (January – March)

Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young break up

The news was heartbreaking to ‘City Hunter’ fans, as they hoped to see the love between ‘Yoon Sung’ (Minho) and ‘Nana’ (Min Young) live on forever.

Block B stirs controversy with Thai interview, draws response from 2PM

The news spread like wild-fire. Block B’s carefree behavior and a few of the comments they made throughout the video were considered insensitive and disrespectful towards the people of Thailand. The boys had no idea their comments and behavior would land themselves in the headlines, since they had never meant any harm.

Girls’ Generation brings “The Boys” out on ‘The David Letterman Show’

On February 1st, the girls came on to perform the English version of their hit, “The Boys“. It was a momentous occasion for the nine ladies and host David Letterman introduced Girls’ Generation as a “very popular South Korean group“, drawing an awed response from fellow guest Regis Philbin, a multi-award winning media personality.

Big Bang is back with their MV for “Blue”!

Big Bang finally returned after their lengthy hiatus by unleashing their first title track, “Blue“. This was their biggest comeback to date and they went on to have a successful worldwide tour.

SHINee releases MV for “Sherlock”!

Whispers of SHINee’s back. After waiting nearly 2 years since their monster hit “Lucifer”, SHINee finally made their long awaited return.

Photo of JYJ Junsu’s Sasaeng fans shock netizens

In the midst of JYJ‘s controversy regarding their sasaeng fans, a past photo of member Junsu‘s sasaeng fans shocked netizens and allkpop readers.

Second Quarter of 2012 (April – June)


TVXQ to make their Korean comeback during the second half of the year

Members of Cassiopeia were quite excited at the news that TVXQ would be making their long-awaited comeback in Korea.

INFINITE releases “The Chaser” MV

The group elevated themselves in the world of K-pop with the release of ‘INFINITIZE‘ and “The Chaser“.

Junsu releases “Tarantallegra” music video!

After much anticipation, Junsu of power trio JYJ released the music video for his hit track, “Tarantallegra“. The video attracted much attention from fans for Junsu’s dramatic transformation and powerful performance.

Wonder Girls reveal group “Wonder Party” teaser photo

Wonderfuls were ecstatic at the news that the lovely Wonder Girls announced their comeback plans in June with their mini album ‘Wonder Party‘.

Japanese magazine publisher exposes Goo Hara’s panties

Kara member, Hara‘s panty shot on a particular Japanese Magazine became a big controversy online. Netizens became furious at the act and commented how irresponsible this was.

f(x) releases ‘Electric Shock’

After releasing a series of teaser images and an MV teaser, the ladies of f(x) finally made their long awaited comeback with the release of their EP ‘Electric Shock‘.

2PM’s “Beautiful” surpasses 100,000 sales + growing popularity in Japan

The boys of 2PM released their 4th Japanese single “Beautiful” on June 6th and fans were quite happy that sales surpassed the 100,000 mark.

Yoo In Na confirms that she is dating Ji Hyun Woo

After making headlines for over a week following Ji Hyun Woo‘s public confession and a suspicious stroll through the park together, actress Yoo In Na finally admitted that she and Ji Hyun Woo have started dating.

Third Quarter of 2012 (July – September)

T-ara/Hwayoung Controversy: Cliff Notes Edition

Probably the biggest story in K-pop for 2012. T-ara became the hot topic throughout the world of K-Pop, causing many fans to worry. News of Hwayoung being bullied started to spread and this cliff notes edition goes through the unfolding of the drama from start to finish.

[BREAKING] CCM announces Hwayoung will leave T-ara

T-ara‘s parent company Core Contents Media announced that one of its members, Hwayoung, will be leaving the group.

2PM’s Nichkhun involved in a minor car accident while driving under the influence

In July, 2PM‘s Nichkhun was caught driving under the influence of alcohol and was involved in a car accident while driving in Gangnam.

Super Junior releases MV for “Sexy, Free & Single”

For all the ELF, the wait was finally over as Super Junior released their highly anticipated music video for “Sexy, Free & Single“. This was extra special for some fans as it remarked the return of Kangin who was away for two years in the military.

B2ST releases MV for “Beautiful Night”

It was a Beautiful Night for many B2UTIES when B2ST finally made their long awaited return.

Psy releases MV for “Gangnam Style”

Before his Billion views on YouTube and worldwide super stardom, we reported about Psy‘s music video for “Gangnam Style” to little fanfare. Who knew at the time it would go on to become the most viewed video of all-time on YouTube?

HaHa to marry singer Byul this November!

HaHa unexpectedly announced his plans of tying the knot with singer Byul. The two were reported to have known each other for the past 7 to 8 years, but only started dating seriously earlier in the year.

[Rumor]SM Entertainment hints at 5-member TVXQ reunion?

Fans noticed an interesting change on SM Entertainment Japan‘s official website. The profiles of the former members of TVXQ, JYJ‘s JunsuYoochun, and Jaejoong, were listed on the group’s section of the site. Unfortunately it was short lived but it would be epic to see the boys come together as one once again.

Big Bang’s Seungri caught up in sex scandal rumors after release of pictures by Japanese tabloid ‘Friday’

Japanese tabloid magazine ‘Friday‘, released a detailed account along with a few photos allegedly by a woman who claims she spent a night with Big Bang‘s Seungri.

Big Bang’s Seungri caught with model/actress Anna Kubo by paparazzi in Hong Kong

Shortly after the sex scandal in Japan, Taiwanese newspaper ‘Apple Daily ‘captured photos of Big Bang‘s Seungri canoodling with Japanese model and actress Anna Kubo in Hong Kong.

G-Dragon releases EP ‘One of a Kind’

He’s just wild and young. After Big Bang’s successful comeback earlier in the year, leader G-Dragon had his own solo comeback.

Fourth Quarter of 2012 (October – December)

Hong Kong reporters boo SHINee at Etude House event

Some members of the press were discovered to have boo’ed SHINee during a promotional event for Etude House in Hong Kong. Many of the viewers thought that it was very rude and unprofessional for the reporters to boo SHINee.

HyunA releases new mini-album ‘Melting’ + MV

HyunA received a lot of attention for being featured in Psy’s “Gangnam Style” and it was the perfect time for her solo comeback.

‘Family photos’ of SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment gather attention

Fans seem to be drawn in whenever The Big 3 are compared.

IU and Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, dating?

A photo of Super Junior’s Eunhyuk shirtless and IU in her pajama’s made headlines in November. The photo was posted onto her (IU) Twitter, (most likely accidentally) and then taken down within 2 minutes.

Loen Entertainment releases official statement about the photo of IU and Eunhyuk

With the surfacing of a photo showing IU and Eunhyuk together that was accidentally revealed through IU’s Twitter, fans and netizens alike had been awaiting an official statement from the artists’ respective agencies. Loen Entertainment released an official statement on the issue which didn’t really satisfy the netizens.

INFINITE’s leader Sunggyu releases ‘Another Me’ debut mini-album + “60 sec” MV

INFINITE‘s Sunggyu released his debut solo album, ‘Another Me‘. The album includes six different tracks, each sure to bring out a new sound from the INFINITE leader.

[Breaking] Block B’s Zico and Hwayoung dating!

A recent hot rumor in the K-Pop idol scene is that Block B‘s Zico and ex-T-ara member Hwayoung, have been dating for a few months now.

SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment respond to rumors of Psy and YoonA’s secret affair

Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA and Psy were just swept up in absurd rumors back in November regarding the two’s secret affair. One Chinese media outlet falsely reported, “Korean singer Psy had an affair with YoonA six months before the release of ‘Gangnam Style‘.

Girls’ Generation pre-releases “Dancing Queen” MV from 4th album, ‘I Got a Boy’ + Hyoyeon’s teaser image

SONES showed their excitement at the news of GirlsGeneration‘s long awaited return.

[BREAKING] Rain and Kim Tae Hee dating?

Although 2013, it was technically 2012 in America when this news broke. 2012 wrapped up with a huge bang with reports surfacing that Rain and Kim Tae Hee are dating.

In your opinion, what do you think the biggest story of 2012 was?

source: Allkpop.com