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G-Dragon and Taeyang debut “GOOD BOY” on MAMA 2014

22 Nov

Breaking news BIG BANG FANS:

GD X Taeyang

The official MV has garnered over 4 million views!
Watch the new video here!

On November 22nd, YG Entertainment announced that G-Dragon and Taeyang are going to make the first official performance of ‘Good Boy’ at the 2014 MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards).

G-Dragon Taeyang will be sharing the stage with other amazing bands like EXO, Block B, BTS and others.

The event will be held in Hong Kong on December 4th.

Top Crazy Obsessive Unreal K-Pop Sasaeng Fan Moments #2

19 Jan



The victims:Taeyang and G-Dragon of BIG BANG: Continue reading

Happy Lunar New Years 2013

9 Feb


TinyG greetings

TinyG greetings


Skarf greetings

Skarf greetings

The snake is an unusual creature. Some can pretend that they’re dead to ensure predators leave them alone. Others can eat animals that are three times bigger than their mouths. It can take hours for snakes to completely swallow their prey. They can be completely inactive for a month before shedding their skin. And, the really big ones can grow up to nine metres in length.

While many people dislike snakes, there’s no avoiding the fact that we’re entering the year of this slithering creature, according to Chinese Astrology. Feb. 10 marks Chinese New Year’s and the start of the year of the snake. But what does this really mean? Here’s a round-up of several astrological sites and what they say about the snake:

Its the year of the snake: Predictions for your Chinese astrological signAstrology.com notes that the snake is a positive sign, and it will likely bring advances in science, education and research. You’ll also find a detailed breakdown here of what the year will mean to each sign of the Chinese zodiac.

Horoscope.com says that it’s important to be open-minded during the year of the snake, which will be an exciting 12 months. Watch out for jealousy and secrets that work against your interests.

AstroCamp.com predicts that the year will be filled with new and different challenges. It also takes readers through predictions for each Chinese astrological sign.

If you were born in the year 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001 or 2013, you were born in a year of the snake and that means this will be an especially good 12 months for you.

Source: http://blogs.calgaryherald.com/2013/02/08/its-the-year-of-the-snake-predictions-for-your-chinese-astrological-sign/

Big Bang’s G-Dragon Criticizes K-pop for “Recycling” and Lack of Musical Innovation

2 Feb


Recently, Big Bang’s G-Dragon, an idol who’s also a producer, has taken issue with the “recycling strategy”of the K-pop industry.

During a press conference held for Big Bang’s world tour stop in Seoul, G-Dragon openly expressed his criticism of South Korea’s music industry. “I think Korean music, for the most part, has been limited in scope to just one genre. When I produce music, I try not to simply make music that appeals to the masses,” he stated.

Korean music has a tendency of focusing on electro pop or R’n’B ballads with certain trends catching on and becoming popular with a sudden influx of music mimicking that sound. G-Dragon steers clear of being sucked into those trends, making a conscience effort to expand his musical horizons by listening to a wide range of musical genres and styles.
“Instead of just listening to K-pop, I listen to a variety of music from many genres. I wish we could go back to a time when we made music with memories,” he said.

G-Dragon was also critical of the way music is discarded like stale bread. Songs that are popular one minute are too quickly forgotten as listeners move on and demand new music to enjoy.
“In other countries, as long as the songs are good, an album can have a positive response 2, 3, even 6 months after it is released,” he said.

Written by: Aysohmay@JpopAsia

G-Dragon reveals bedtime selca-pic before going to bed!

1 Feb


Big Bang leader G-Dragon revealed a self-cam before going to bed.

He posted on his twitter, “Today’s schedule done. My dark circles are getting worse. I better hurry and sleep. Good night everyone,” along with a picture.

In the picture, he has short hair and a clean face. His moist looking eyes gained attention online.

Internet users commented, “He is always so handsome” and “He doesn’t have any dark circles.”

On the other hand, he is currently working on his Japan dome tour as a solo artist this April.

Seoul Music Awards 2013 Reveals Leading K-Pop Sensation Today!

1 Feb


Today, the ’22nd Seoul Music Awards’ were held at the Olympic Park in Seoul.

This event started back in 1990 and is one of the biggest award ceremonies in Korea.

The winners are listed below:

Daesang (Grand Prize)


Bonsang (Main Prize)

Super Junior, Epik High, f(x), 2NE1, Huh Gak, SHINee, miss A , Psy, SISTAR, Big Bang, Lee Seung Gi and SECRET

Best New Artist

EXO-K, Ailee, B.A.P and Lee Hi

High1/Mobile Popularity

Lee Seung Gi and SHINee

Performance Culture Award

Kim Jang Hoon

Record of the Year

G-Dragon – ‘One of a Kind’

Digital Record of the Year

SISTAR – ‘Alone’

Hallyu Special Award

Super Junior

R&B/Ballad Award


Hip Hop/Rap Award

Double K

Best OST Award

CNBLUE Lee Jong Hyun

The judging criteria for the ‘Bonsang Award’ are through 20% voting, 50% digital/album sales, 20% panel judges and 10% research. The other categories’ judging critteria is 20% mobile poll, 10% Sports Seoul Popularity, 50% album sales and 20$ panel judges.

Big Bang G-Dragon photoshopped into “Puss in Boots” character!

18 Jan

Big Bang‘s G-Dragon revealed a rather Bizarre picture of himself as Puss in Boots

On January 17th, G-Dragon tweeted, “Someone photoshopped me with Puss in Boots Yo” and uploaded the above selca picture.

poor boy

poor boy

The shared picture showed G-Dragon wearing bright blue colored contact lenses and making similar cute expression as that of Puss in Boots from the movie Shrek.

After seeing the picture, the netizens expressed their surprise by commenting, “I thought my heart was going to drop“, “Someone please photoshop it“, and “The lens color is really pretty.” Continue reading

Kpop Digital Award Winners Announced from the Golden Disk Awards in Malaysia Day 2

17 Jan


On January 16th, many of Korea’s top musicians and pop stars gathered at the Sepang International Circuit in Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia for Day 2 of the 27th Golden Disk Awards.

This year, the show was divided into two parts: the first part (held on January 15th) honors the winners of the physical album categories, while the second day (held on January 16th) will do the same for digital albums. KARA‘s Nicole, CNBLUE‘s Yonghwa (Day 1), FT ISLAND‘s Lee Hong Ki, and SISTAR‘s Dasom (Day 2) are the MCs for this year’s awards.

The first ‘Golden Disk Awards’ began in 1986, and since then, it’s become Korea’s most prestigious awards ceremony for music. Nicknamed the ‘Korean Grammy Awards,’ the ceremony is reputed for its fair standards, as the committee utilizes figures from album and digital music sales only.

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Big Bang World Tour Coming to an end, ‘800,000 Fans Come Together’

14 Jan


Group Big Bang finally completed their world tour with their last concert in Japan.

Big Bang held their last concert this past weekend in Japan with 100,000 fans.

They revealed their plans for the new year during their last concert. G-Dragon commented that they will be holding a Dome concert in Japan and release a new song.

Taeyang also commented that he will be releasing a new album as well.

T.O.P will be appearing in a movie as well.

Fans could not hide their excitement for Big Bang’s new plans for this year.

Daesung will be releasing a solo album in Japan while Seungri will be busy with dramas.

Big Bang’s world tour ended successfully with 800,000 fans and has gone around the world around 3 and a half times to meet fans in many different countries.

They will be holding a finale concert in Seoul this month on January 25-27 to officially close the tour.

G-Dragon to embark on a solo world tour, kicking off in Seoul, Korea in March 2013

12 Jan


After their initial press release regarding G-Dragon’s 3 Dome tour in Japan, YG Entertainment has sent out an update with good news for fans around the globe!

Not only will G-Dragon‘s tour encompass the 3 Dome tour in Japan, it will also be making stops in other parts of the world!

The tour, ‘2013 G-Dragon World Tour‘, will kick off in Seoul on March 30th through the 31st, ahead of the April dates in Japan.

According to the poster included in the update, more cities will be added on later dates as they are confirmed! So stay tuned to see where else G-Dragon may be heading to!