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Kara’s Goo Hara is in pain! Undergoing surgery!

31 Jan

KARA Goo Hara
KARA‘s Hara has been revealed to be in the hospital to undergo surgery for appendicitis.

Just recently, around 10 AM KST, Hara received the diagnosis at the hospital and was said to be preparing to undergo surgery.

According to her agency representatives, Hara started to suffer from abdominal pains and was brought to the emergency room at the hospital.

“It is true that Hara will be getting surgery for appendicitis. We hope that the surgery will go well… Afterwards she will be getting rest to recover her health,” the rep stated.

Since KARA has schedules tomorrow (February 1st) in Japan, it is not known if Hara will be able to attend. For the time being, it is said that she’ll be taking rest before she takes on her personal schedules.

We wish Hara a full and speedy recovery.

Source: JoyNews 24 via Daum


Before Kpop stars debuted: Encounter of the awkward middle school photoshoot!

23 Jan

Middle School Graduation Photos of Kpop stars

Lately, photos of 4minute’s HyunA in her middle school days have attracted tremendous attention. HyunA was one of the lucky few who’s middle school yearbook photo looked decent. Unfortunately, most of us mere humans are not that lucky. If I could, I would track down all my middle school yearbooks that have been distributed and scratch out all of my photos. Anyways, it appears that several K-Pop idols also had their share of awkward phases in middle school. Scroll through the gallery to check out some of today’s hottest female K-Pop idols’ middle school graduation photos!

4minute Hyuna

4minute Hyuna

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