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#9 Shocking Kpop Scandals: G-Dragon caught smoking Marijuana

2 Mar

K-POP-Scandals-G-Dragon-Marijuana-589x338h1South Korea tops No. 1 in the world for hard liquor consumption, with all the dirt cheap soju available and all,  and it’s not unusual to see K-pop stars boasting on TV about getting wasted. But drug use of any kind is completely FORBIDDEN. A lesser star than Big Bang’s G-Dragon might have been jailed for smoking pot, but after he tested positive for marijuana a few years ago, the rapper offered up the the silliest excuse. According to GDragon, he accepted what he thought was a “strong cigarette” from a stranger at an after-party, and was just too drunk to realize that it was actually a joint. It could be poison for all he cares…….from a “stranger”….keep dreaming.

Thanksgiving….we are thankful for…

28 Nov

It is Thanksgiving in America–the day for you to not only eat as much as your stomach will allow but also to reflect on life and let your heart fill with gratitude for the things that make everything better even when things are hard.

One reason people are such avid K-Pop fans is that it is something they can always turn to in their time of need as it provides an escape, it makes everything fun, and it is its own fantastical, dreamy world in which everyone looks gorgeous and are super talented. With that being said, here are a few of the K-Pop trademarks that make it such a phenomenon–the things that all K-Pop fans are especially grateful for–along with some of the representative idols!


Nicole from Kara possibly splitting up and studying abroad!?!

20 Nov

KARA have found themselves in the headlines again regarding rumors surrounding Nicole’s possible leave.

Japan’s ‘Sankei Sports’ published an article today with the title, ‘KARA Nicole, to study abroad in the U.S. next February’.

According to the article, after the expiration of her contract with DSP Media in January, Nicole will leave for the U.S. to prepare for a solo career. The news outlet explains that this will happen if Nicole and DSP Media cannot work out an agreement with Nicole staying active as a part of KARA even though she’s not under the agency. If the two sides can’t reach an agreement, Nicole will leave for the U.S. to further expand her singing and dancing skills.

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Hyuna and fellow Trouble Maker pal show off their sweet chemistry and couple shoes in new pic!

14 Nov


While the duo Trouble Maker may normally appear fierce and sexy on stage, they give off a very cute and sweet vibe off-stage.  In the latest picture uploaded onto HyunA‘s Instagram, the two of them are cuddling of sorts on a couch.  They have struck the same pose and are leaning their heads against each other’s affectionately.  Also notable are their couple shoes!

Netizens who saw this picture said, “Trouble Maker seem to be on close terms,” “Those shoes look nice to wear in the winter,” and “The two look so good together!”

Song Hye Kyo returns to her drama roots with “Wind Blows in Winter” in 4 years..

17 Feb


Returning to the drama scene after almost four years, Song Hye Kyo went for the sexy bohemian look for fashion magazine, High Cut.

Looking younger than ever, Song Hye Kyo flaunted her flawless skin and beauty as she gave seductive poses to the camera.

Her big return to television comes with SBS “That Winter, the Wind Blows (Hangul: 그 겨울, 바람이 분다” a project that had her eager to start acting again.

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2pm’s Nichkhun Caught Licking a Stranger’s Ice Cream! Pictured Revealed!

2 Feb


A recent photo of 2PM‘s Nichkhun has become a hot topic of interest among netizens lately.

On January 31, Nichkhun uploaded the photo on his twitter with the caption, “Farewell, Osaka! I will return someday. Anyway, here’s a photo of me and my little friend who got separated from his mother. I hope you have a wonderful day.”

So that's what happened!

So that’s what happened!

In the photo, Nichkhun looks as though he’s ready to take a bite out of his little plastic friend’s ice cream cone. His mischievous play brought many a smile to fans who couldn’t resist the adorable charisma of the handsome idol.

Netizens who saw the tweet commented, “Nichkhun, you’re so cute!”, “If only I could take a picture with Nichkhun, I’d gladly be that plastic figurine” and “Nichkhun is so handsome.”

In related news, 2PM has been busy with their “Legend of 2PM” tour since January 11.

Kpop IU Gains Great Interest about her Drastic Transformation Childhood Till Now!

24 Jan
IU's beauty transformation!

IU’s beauty transformation!

Recently, old pictures of 4minute’s HyunA photo collages have been gaining attention online.

Now, IU’s past pictures are gaining attention as well.

With everyone’s attention towards female celebrities childhood pictures, many have dug up and found IU’s old pictures as well.

IU’s pictures gained much attention as her childhood pictures depicts her with chubby cheeks that seemed to disappear as she gotten older.

Korean Internet users commented, “IU’s past photos are more fun then HyunA’s” and “IU had a drastic change.”

I agree as well!

What do you think?


Before Kpop stars debuted: Encounter of the awkward middle school photoshoot!

23 Jan

Middle School Graduation Photos of Kpop stars

Lately, photos of 4minute’s HyunA in her middle school days have attracted tremendous attention. HyunA was one of the lucky few who’s middle school yearbook photo looked decent. Unfortunately, most of us mere humans are not that lucky. If I could, I would track down all my middle school yearbooks that have been distributed and scratch out all of my photos. Anyways, it appears that several K-Pop idols also had their share of awkward phases in middle school. Scroll through the gallery to check out some of today’s hottest female K-Pop idols’ middle school graduation photos!

4minute Hyuna

4minute Hyuna

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Actor So Jisub releases his MV “PICNIC” featuring Vocals from Younha

19 Jan

Actor So Jisub, who is partaking in Mnet’s special musical project “Collabo One,” finally unveiled the music video for his song “Picnic,” which also features the beautiful vocals of singer Younha.

Screen cap

Screen cap

In the music video, So Jisub sports a black outfit while Younha wears a contrasting white outfit. The music video depicts So Jisub as a man who is constantly thinking about his past love as he keeps a photo of his former lover close to him in a journal. Continue reading

Super Junior Releases Concept Photos from New Album “Break Down”

7 Jan

After unveiling group teaser images and an album’s highlight medley, Chinese subunit of Super Junior, Super Junior-M, has now released more individual concept images for upcoming album ‘Break Down’.

Super Junior-M’s second studio album ‘Break Down’ as well as the music video for the album’s title song will be released on January 7th through Chinese music sites as well as Korean music sites.

‘Break Down’ is described to be an upbeat dance track and will be performance focused with the members sweeping across the floor.









Can you guess who’s who?