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IU transformation from older lady to Korea’s little sister….

19 Dec


Top 10 Dramatic Crazy Transformation of Kpop Stars!

18 Dec




10. SS501’S Park Jung Min
At lucky number 10 is SS501‘s Park Jung Min who’s mastered the idol look with a sharper profile thanks to his 10kg weight loss and a much sexier appearance due to his solo debut!

9.2ne1's Park bom<br /><br /><br /><br /> Goddess Park Bom looked like a celebrity far before her debut and even afterw

9. 2NE1’s Park Bom
Goddess Park Bom looked like a celebrity far before her debut and even afterward, her new hair and make-up only enhanced what she already had. Out with the trucker hats and in with the sexy shirt.

8.Kara's Goo hara<br /><br /><br /><br /> Kara‘s Goo Hara was quite cute as a trainee and although she’s admitted t

8. Kara’s Goo Gara
Kara’s Goo Hara was quite cute as a trainee and although she’s admitted to getting fillers for her nose and her double eyelids done, it looks like her new-found confidence was the biggest change!


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#6 Shocking Kpop Scandal: Ailee nude photos released by allkpop

20 Nov



south korean Ailee scandal (3)


As anyone who watches the world of South Korean entertainment knows by now, Ailee became one of K-pop’s most talked about stars when the New Jersey-based website allkpop published unauthorized nude photos of the 24-year-old American-born singer on Nov. 10 2013.

The Ailee nude photos had been censored with black bars before being taken down completely from the site earlier that month, following thousands of negative reader comments.

6Theory Media, the parent company of allkpop, claims to have gotten the images from the anonymous image board AnonIB. But the fact that Ailee’s ex-boyfriend Daniel Lee, who is the vice president of content for allkpop, admitted that he attempted to sell the photos to Dispatch, has left many readers convinced that he leaked the photos.

Outrage over the incident has led some allkpop readers, most notably the editors of the British online publication Beyond Hallyu, to boycott the website completely.

Sasaeng ‘stalker’ fans and their side of the story. Part 2.

19 Jan
Fan slap Yoochun on the face..

Fan slap Yoochun on the face..

Junsu mobbed by fans during dinner..looking exhausted

Junsu mobbed by fans during dinner..looking exhausted

Sasaeng lie in the middle of the road to prevent their idols from leaving

Sasaeng lie in the middle of the road to prevent their idols from leaving


Sasaeng fans renting taxis up to 300-900USD to chase kpop stars

Sasaeng fans renting taxis up to 300-900USD to chase kpop stars

The picture of Korean fans that international fans can see is incredibly narrow: we know of Korean fandom based off of the seas of glowing lightsticks, the carefully catalogued fancam and fan photo collections, the mobs we see at airports and Guerrilla Date recordings, the extravagant gifts they buy for their favorite idols — and, of course, sasaeng fandom. From that, the conclusion that many international fans draw about Korean fans is that they take fandom way too seriously, and that they can be “scary” — or even dangerous.

What we don’t see, though, is how Korean fans act as people and as “fangirls” like the rest of us. We don’t see how they talk amongst themselves, how they organize those super-intense fanchants, how they “spazz” to their favorite idols…just like the rest of us. It’s gotten to the point where we are taken aback and surprised when we see translations of fan comments that are even the slightest bit funny or snarky or sarcastic, because gosh who knew those crazy Korean fans actually had a sense of humor?!


I wish it were as simple as just saying, “Hey guys, Korean fans are spazzy fangirls/boys just like the rest of us so maybe we should stop treating them like mobs of crazy people okay?!?!” but the issue runs much deeper than simply acknowledging the fact that Korean fans are sensible, regular human beings with minds of their own. When I first got into K-pop, the first thing I learned as a K-pop fan was that Korean Fans Are Crazy — crazy enough to start suicide petitions and chase an idol out of his own country, crazy enough to cause black oceans at concerts, crazy enough to submit legal “evidence” to the Seoul District Court in regards to a lawsuit that had nothing to do with them. (2009 was a great year, you see.) And, with the amount of English-language press given to sasaeng fandom, extravagant fan gifts, and other evidences of Korean fan “mob mentality,” it’s no wonder that many international fans are walking into the K-pop fandom with that very same assumption.

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What is K-pop you might ask???

19 Jan
What is K-pop you might ask?

What is K-pop you might ask?

What is K-pop?

“PSY’s global hit, ‘Gangnam Style’, has helped lead to more investment, both in music and in developing legitimate services.”

– Frances Moore, International Federation of the Phonographic Industry

The music genre may be new to some but “K-pop”, the abbreviation for Korean pop music, has been around for years. The lively Korean mix of electro, dance, hip-hop, rock and pop is particularly popular in Asia, even developing a teenage subculture. With highly stylised Western dance moves, airbrushed good looks, and trend-setting fashion, K-pop music has overtaken Japanese music as the most popular genre in Japan.

According to the Korea Creative Content Agency, a body set up by the government to project soft power abroad, South Korea’s biggest overseas market for K-pop is Japan with an 80 percent share.

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19 Jan

Continuing from last week’s reveals for Dara and Minzy, 2NE1 are continuing the buzz of their 2014 world tour and new album ‘AON’ (‘All Or Nothing’) with out-of-this-world teaser images of CL and Park Bom!

2NE1 expressed their desire to match the album theme to the tour, and it seems they’re doing just that. Keep your eyes open for more updates to come!

Are you excited for 2NE1’s sci-fi theme? Check it out with the girls in full outfit for their MV!





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2 Jan

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Thanksgiving….we are thankful for…

28 Nov

It is Thanksgiving in America–the day for you to not only eat as much as your stomach will allow but also to reflect on life and let your heart fill with gratitude for the things that make everything better even when things are hard.

One reason people are such avid K-Pop fans is that it is something they can always turn to in their time of need as it provides an escape, it makes everything fun, and it is its own fantastical, dreamy world in which everyone looks gorgeous and are super talented. With that being said, here are a few of the K-Pop trademarks that make it such a phenomenon–the things that all K-Pop fans are especially grateful for–along with some of the representative idols!


Kpop Idols with Depression

22 Nov

Kpopstar’s depression woes…read about the harsh reality of Korean Popstars and their struggles with depression…

Korean Plastic Surgery Tumblr Gone Viral Online

23 Feb

Hello everyone!

Just came across this clip by the The Young Turks addressing plastic surgeries in South Korea.

I think one of the point she made in the clip hit the bulls eye!

She mentioned something like this: “In the west, people expect you to wear make up and and plastic surgery is often frown upon. But in Korea, if you got the means and ability to improve yourself, whether intellectually or physically, why not? It’s often encouraged if anything when it comes to self improvement”

Therefore, in South Korea where cosmetic advancement is abundant and affordable, it becomes commonplace like going shopping, without too “much” stigma attached. Stigma is still prevalent but it is relative.

Take a look:

Some crazy transformation below:
Source: kpsurgery.tumblr.com




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