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Top Crazy Obsessive Unreal K-Pop Sasaeng Fan Moments #2

19 Jan



The victims:Taeyang and G-Dragon of BIG BANG: Continue reading


MBLAQ’s LEE JOON, “I Can’t Do Anymore Fake Acting!”

24 Jan

MBLAQ member Lee Joon posted a deep confession on his fan cafe which was later deleted.

Is this all for real?

Is this all for real?

Yesterday, Lee Joon posted a message that talked about how he had been patient enough. This message has currently been deleted, but many believe that it has something to do with the recent crisis with Oh Yeon Seo.

Lee Joon, who is currently a couple with actress Oh Yeon Seo, on MBC “We Got Married,” recently had a dating scandal with actor Lee Jang Woo.

Oh Yeon Seo had stated that they were not dating and that it was just a scandal.

The message online had read, “Am I a robot. Who am I doing this for? I’ve been patient enough and I have my own opinions and thoughts too. Has anyone officially apologized to me. I feel so sorry for lying and being fake in front of people. I am a person so I cannot do anymore fake acting.”

Many believe that he is referring to the scandal with Oh Yeon Seo and Lee Jang Woo and how that effects his role in the show.

J. Tune Camp, his agency commented that they have not confirmed yet whether he did in fact write the message himself.

Oh Yeon Seo and Lee Joon hold an informal wedding on ‘We Got Married’

6 Jan
Impromptu wedding on the show.

Impromptu wedding on the show.

Honeymoon after the vows:

Oh Yeon Seo and Lee Joon declared their undying love for each other on the January 5th episode of ‘We Got Married‘.

The declaration is drawing a lot of attention from viewers due to recent rumors of Oh Yeon Seo’s alleged relationship with her ‘Oh Ja Ryong is Coming‘ co-star Lee Jang Woo.

During the first night of their honeymoon in Hawaii, the MBLAQ member and actress held an informal wedding in their hotel room.

Lee Joon asked, “Will you love Oh Haet Nim (Oh Yeon Seo’s birth name) until the day your black hair becomes white” He then answered his own question, stating, “Yes.”

Oh Yeon Seo added, “Yes. Of course, it’s the same for me too,” confirming their impromptu wedding vows.