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Orange Caramel Nana Previously a Korean Supermodel Before She Became a Kpop Singer

16 Jan



Nana, a member of After School and Orange Caramel was previously a Korean supermodel before she became a kpop singer. So many fans were so attracted to her fit body since their debut, too. And some photos of her modeling were being revealed today.

Nana is also a member of Orange Caramel. Orange Caramel is also a kpop girl group which is consisted of Nana, Lizzy and Raina from After School. So, it is a subgroup of After School. While After School conveys a sexy charismatic group, Orange Caramel conveys a cute and girlish concept, which is a drastically different image from After School.

Let’s take a look:

Supermodel photoshoots...Can you recognize her?

Supermodel photoshoots…Can you recognize her?

Possessing a mature and sexy look......

Possessing a mature and sexy look……

Pictures from her past Pageant/Model contests

Pictures from her past Pageant/Model contests

another photoshoot

another photoshoot

Flaunting her fabulous abs

Flaunting her fabulous abs


Top Kpop Idols Sues Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Gangnam, Seoul

10 Jan


Big name idols are suing a cosmetic clinic located in the Gangnam area of Seoul for using their photos and names for advertisements without permission. A collective statement from the idols states:

“People can access their site just by looking up our names on the internet. This will mislead people into thinking we have connections to the clinic or have had plastic surgery in the past.”

The idols are suing for a total of 120 million won or around $112,946 USD.

SOURCE: StarNews

Han Ga-In wows fans with her old pictures..looks amazing!

6 Jan
Han Ga-In flawless beauty

Han Ga-In flawless beauty


Past pictures of the natural beauty was revealed from seven years ago and it seems like the actress didn’t change much. With light makeup, Han Ga In looks like a princess in those pictures!

What do you think?

Netizens commented,”She’s so beautiful”,”Her husband must be very proud of her”,”She doesn’t age at all”, and so on