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Super Junior-M Shoots to the Top of the Billboard World Music Chart!!!

22 Jan


Super Junior M, a subgroup comprising core members of popular boy band Super Junior, topped the U.S. Billboard World Albums chart for the week ending Jan. 26 with their latest offering “Break Down.”

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Super Junior-M thanks fans with a charming group selca pic with a sweet message!

9 Jan


On January 8th on his Twitter, DongHae uploaded a group photo along with a message, “We are Super Junior-M. Have a nice day. We love you.”

In the picture are the members of Super Junior. Some are holding cute dolls, while others are showing V-signs with their hands. With their beautiful smiles and all-black outfits, they look gorgeous in this photo.

Netizens who saw this picture commented, “Super Junior-M members look gorgeous,” “They all look so handsome in this photo,” “Love Eunhyk’s pouty and kissable expression,” “I would love to have one of the dolls they are holding.”

Meanwhile on January 7 on Chinese and Korean music websites, Super Junior-M released their second album including their title song, “Break Down.”

Source: Soompi

Super Junior Fans Rejoice! SUJU Releases “Break Down” MV

9 Jan

Super Junior M is back!



The boys release the full MV of Break Down, check out the MV below

Their Mandarin have improved immensely as a group!

Check it out!

Super Junior Releases New Album Medley from “Break Down” January 7th

7 Jan
Break Down new album

Break Down new album

Suju's Newest Concept......Do you like it?

Suju’s Newest Concept……Do you like it?

After announcing that the Chinese subunit of Super Junior, Super Junior-M, will be making a comeback with their second full album ‘Break Down’, the global boy group has released a highlight medley of all of the songs on their upcoming album.

The medley features a mix of soft, loud, soothing, and energetic music, heightening fans’ expectations for the new release.

‘Break Down’ will be released on January 7th through Chinese music sites as well as Korean music sites, and are expected to gain immense attention from fans from all over Asia as the rest of the world.

Listen to the medley reel below! Are you looking forward to SuJu-M’s comeback?