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G-Dragon and Taeyang debut “GOOD BOY” on MAMA 2014

22 Nov

Breaking news BIG BANG FANS:

GD X Taeyang

The official MV has garnered over 4 million views!
Watch the new video here!

On November 22nd, YG Entertainment announced that G-Dragon and Taeyang are going to make the first official performance of ‘Good Boy’ at the 2014 MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards).

G-Dragon Taeyang will be sharing the stage with other amazing bands like EXO, Block B, BTS and others.

The event will be held in Hong Kong on December 4th.

Kpop’s CNBlue Dominates Japanese and Taiwanese Music Charts!

9 Feb

Idol band CNlue‘s fourth mini album “Re:Blue” has taken Asia by storm.


“Re:Blue” was released in Korea on January 14 and then a special edition version of the album was released on January 31. “Re:Blue” and its main song “I’m Sorry” have taken the #1 spot on Taiwan’s top music site Omusic’s charts. “Re:Blue” has swept the charts for twenty days now.

“Re:Blue” has of course topped the charts in Japan and Korea as well. “Re:Blue” has been #1 on Japan’s Tower Records’ chart since it was released and its special edition album was sold out. The album has also reached #1 on Billboard’s world music chart.

CNBLUE will promote their mini album in Taiwan and the Philippines from February 20 to the 23. In April they will embark on a world tour to greet their overseas fans.

Kpop Boyfriend Idol Group Give Free Hugs to fans in Myeongdong!

2 Feb


Rising idol group Boyfriend recently caused all pedestrian traffic in Myeongdong to come to a halt when they made an unannounced appearance with their toddlers, as seen on new variety show “Boyfriend’s Hello Baby.“

On this day Boyfriend went on foot to Myeongdong to give free hugs to fans. Although it started to rain, more than one hundred pedestrians gathered to receive a hug from the adorable idols

During the free hug event, fans were asked to vote for their favorite member. The member who won the most amount of votes was none other than Minwoo.

After the free hug event, Boyfriend also put on a mini concert for fans by singing hit tracks “I YAH” and “Janus” while toddlers Jungmin and Ilayda also danced on stage with their daddies.

This episode of “Hello Baby” is scheduled to air on February 1.

Check out Episode 1:

Sistar19’s anticipated comeback! Check out the performance!

2 Feb


SISTAR19 makes their highly anticipated comeback this week with their first mini album “Gone, Not Around Any Longer.” Tonight they made their Music Core comeback performance and performed their title track.

“Gone, Not Around Any Longer” was produced by Brave Brothers, who had made a few of SISTAR‘s previous hits such as “Push Push,” “So Cool” and “Alone.”

Check out the video below:

Before Kpop stars debuted: Encounter of the awkward middle school photoshoot!

23 Jan

Middle School Graduation Photos of Kpop stars

Lately, photos of 4minute’s HyunA in her middle school days have attracted tremendous attention. HyunA was one of the lucky few who’s middle school yearbook photo looked decent. Unfortunately, most of us mere humans are not that lucky. If I could, I would track down all my middle school yearbooks that have been distributed and scratch out all of my photos. Anyways, it appears that several K-Pop idols also had their share of awkward phases in middle school. Scroll through the gallery to check out some of today’s hottest female K-Pop idols’ middle school graduation photos!

4minute Hyuna

4minute Hyuna

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New Kpop girl group BPPOP releases Full MV “TODAY” Check it out!

16 Jan

Taking up their first step to the music scene, new girl group BPPOP unveiled the full music video for their debut track “Today”. The group’s title track is a cheerful upbeat pop song that will show off their cute charms.

BPPOP is five-member girl group made up of Seeyoo, Yoojin, InKyung, Jane and Myunji. The group’s debut single album enlisted the help of top musicians, who have worked with Epik High and Dynamic Duo.

Check out the MV below!

Kim Hyun Joong Meets with 20,000 Screaming Fans for his ‘Japan Tour 2013 “UNLIMITED”‘

12 Jan

Kim Hyun Joong has begun his Japan47928 tour.

Kim Hyun Joong had stated that he would show a new and more upgraded performance for his new tour, ‘JAPAN TOUR 2013 “UNLIMITED”‘.

Many fans waited days in advance to meet with Kim Hyun Joong.

He then began performing many of his hit songs including his title song from his most recent Japan album, “Your Story.”

Kim Hyun Joong had the fans up and out of their seats for 2 hours as he walked around to the back of the stadium to see his fans that were in the very back as well.

He also tried his Japanese skills with his fans in order to be able to interact and communicate with them.

He also used all Iive instruments for his concert, making it more fresh and real.

Check out a fan clip of his concert!

From his two concerts combined, he met with 20,000 fans. He will now be going around to 10 more cities in Japan to meet with more fans

Jolin Tsai to Show Luo: “Find yourself a girlfriend!”

9 Jan


Show Luo held a series of four concerts at Taipei Arena starting from 4 January 2013. On his second show, Show invited pop diva Elva Hsiao as a guest performer and hyped up the concert with their fiery dance. For the last two shows, he invited Jolin Tsai and Pauline Lan as his guest performers.

At his afternoon show yesterday, Taiwanese host-singer Pauline Lan made a guest appearance at the concert. Dressed in a revealing vest which showed her glittering bra, Pauline flaunted her awesome figure during her performance. The 47-year-old even jokingly said, “I am worried that the fans will mistake me for Rainie Yang!”

For his finale show in the evening, Show wowed the audiences by inviting pop princess Jolin to end the spectacular show. Jolin made a grand entrance on stage by singing Show’s hit track Jin Wu Men and imitated his dancing steps. Show refused to lose out to her and danced her recent track The Great Artist .

Dressed in a sexily revealing blouse and tight shorts, Show went over and requested a kiss from Jolin. The embarrassing Jolin immediately used her hands to block Show from invading towards her.

“Where are you hiding? Give me some face,” exclaimed Show.

Jolin rebuked Show and said, “Find yourself a girlfriend, please!”

Show replied, “How about yourself?”

Show Luo on kissing his mother: “Those who called me incestuous do not know what love is”

9 Jan


Show Luo on kissing his mum: “Those who called me incestuous do not know what love is”

Show Luo staged four concerts at Taipei Arena in three consecutive days from 4-6 January 2013. The series of concerts have drained him physically and mentally as he had to challenge difficult dance steps, performing dangerous stunts such as singing on a flying wheel. As a result, Show’s mother was terribly worried and had to even seek medication to stabilise her blood pressure.

At the post-concert celebration, Show said, “What I want to do now is to say sorry to my mother”. Show subsequently demonstrated his love for his mother by kissing her on her lips.

Earlier, the pop singer had been criticised as being incestuous for kissing his mother on her lips. Unfazed by the harsh criticisms, Show said, “Those who called me incestuous Show do not know what love is!”

He added, “I only have one mother. If I do not love her, who else will?”

The spectacular performance of the concert was his flying stunt around the theatre hall. Netizens even circulated his “flying man” picture and called it “the condor photo”. Show laughed and said, “It is really very big! My mum gave birth to it!”

During his flying man performance, his singing was off key. “I thought that it should be okay since it was only only for 4 shows. I felt very remorse about it. It is really very tough being a dancing singer”.

For his concert, Show has shed a lot of weight and his chin has even turned sharper. However, he only has one day of rest as he still has to shoot three commercials.

Source: ettoday.net

Cyndi Wang moved by Yuan Hao: “I will protect you”

9 Jan

Since declaring their reconciliation, Yao Yuan Hao and Cyndi Wang has been heavily slammed by the public. Although Cyndi had earlier indicated that she was not the cause of Yuan Hao and Sonia Sui’s breakup, many still regard her as the third party in the ex-couple’s 8-year relationship.

Cyndi revealed that what prompted her to patch things back with Yuan Hao was his caring gesture towards her during the time when she was sick in November last year. “I was sick for a very long time. He asked his friends to send me chicken soup everyday. I have never been cared this way before. Any girl will be touched,” said Cyndi.

Subsequently, Cyndi met Yuan Hao at a friend’s gathering and that changed her mind about giving up the romance. “He said he will protect me and my heart softened. Everything that I told myself all collapsed!”


Facing the public accusations of coming between Yuan Hao and Sonia, Cyndi said that she was still traumatised by the word “third party”. “Any girl will have felt something for that two words. He (Yuan Hao) will tell everyone that I am wronged. The whole matter is not like that”.

Cyndi added, “I will bear all consequences, be it good or bad”.

Sonia remains missing

Sonia reportedly was heartbroken when she heard of the reconciliation between her ex-boyfriend and Cyndi. Sonia has been uncontactable for days since returning to Taiwan after her movie promotion Fierce Wife in Chengdu. Her family also refused to divulge the actress’ whereabouts.

Asked if Sonia was back home, her sister replied vaguely, “We do not know. We did not see the newspapers and were not sure what happened”.

On the other hand, Sonia’s manager replied on her behalf, “Everything is hurting for her. We hope that it ends here. Please do not force Sonia anymore”.

Source: appledaily.com.tw