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Jolin Tsai to Show Luo: “Find yourself a girlfriend!”

9 Jan


Show Luo held a series of four concerts at Taipei Arena starting from 4 January 2013. On his second show, Show invited pop diva Elva Hsiao as a guest performer and hyped up the concert with their fiery dance. For the last two shows, he invited Jolin Tsai and Pauline Lan as his guest performers.

At his afternoon show yesterday, Taiwanese host-singer Pauline Lan made a guest appearance at the concert. Dressed in a revealing vest which showed her glittering bra, Pauline flaunted her awesome figure during her performance. The 47-year-old even jokingly said, “I am worried that the fans will mistake me for Rainie Yang!”

For his finale show in the evening, Show wowed the audiences by inviting pop princess Jolin to end the spectacular show. Jolin made a grand entrance on stage by singing Show’s hit track Jin Wu Men and imitated his dancing steps. Show refused to lose out to her and danced her recent track The Great Artist .

Dressed in a sexily revealing blouse and tight shorts, Show went over and requested a kiss from Jolin. The embarrassing Jolin immediately used her hands to block Show from invading towards her.

“Where are you hiding? Give me some face,” exclaimed Show.

Jolin rebuked Show and said, “Find yourself a girlfriend, please!”

Show replied, “How about yourself?”

Show Luo on kissing his mother: “Those who called me incestuous do not know what love is”

9 Jan


Show Luo on kissing his mum: “Those who called me incestuous do not know what love is”

Show Luo staged four concerts at Taipei Arena in three consecutive days from 4-6 January 2013. The series of concerts have drained him physically and mentally as he had to challenge difficult dance steps, performing dangerous stunts such as singing on a flying wheel. As a result, Show’s mother was terribly worried and had to even seek medication to stabilise her blood pressure.

At the post-concert celebration, Show said, “What I want to do now is to say sorry to my mother”. Show subsequently demonstrated his love for his mother by kissing her on her lips.

Earlier, the pop singer had been criticised as being incestuous for kissing his mother on her lips. Unfazed by the harsh criticisms, Show said, “Those who called me incestuous Show do not know what love is!”

He added, “I only have one mother. If I do not love her, who else will?”

The spectacular performance of the concert was his flying stunt around the theatre hall. Netizens even circulated his “flying man” picture and called it “the condor photo”. Show laughed and said, “It is really very big! My mum gave birth to it!”

During his flying man performance, his singing was off key. “I thought that it should be okay since it was only only for 4 shows. I felt very remorse about it. It is really very tough being a dancing singer”.

For his concert, Show has shed a lot of weight and his chin has even turned sharper. However, he only has one day of rest as he still has to shoot three commercials.

Source: ettoday.net

Show Luo locks lips with Pauline Lan at Taipei Concert

9 Jan
sweet kisses

sweet kisses

Jolin Tsai guest stars and performs with Show Luo

Jolin Tsai guest stars and performs with Show Luo

The Taiwanese pop star made headlines when he locked lips with fellow Taiwanese artiste Pauline Lan during his concert in Taipei.

Singer-actor Show Luo gave his 2013 world tour concert ‘Over the Limit’ a show-stopping finale when he kissed Taiwanese singer-host Pauline Lan and shared the stage with pop princess Jolin Tsai. A total of four shows were organised for this world tour concert, and the third and last show was held consecutively on the same day.

At his third show, Show asked Pauline, his special guest performer, for a kiss on behalf of his deceased father. The latter obliged and the two raised temperatures in the concert arena when they shared a kiss on the spot. Pauline even teasingly commented that she was “willing to take off” her clothes and “burn them” for the 33-year-old’s father.

To up the ante for his last show, celeb pal Jolin guest-starred and the duo danced to each other’s hit songs, followed by a hip-hop dance collaboration.

Show then attempted to plant a kiss on Jolin’s lips as he did to Pauline, but to no avail . Jolin even refused his advances by blocking him with her hand.

To mark his fourth performance at the Taipei Arena stage, Show challenged his limits and successfully jumped down from a four-metre high stage to land on a cushioned floor stage – without the use of safety equipment.

Source: Xin MSN

Elva Hsiao resembles Kai Ko’s mother? Case of Oedipus Complex?

2 Jan
Kai Ko and Elva Hsiao

Kai Ko and Elva Hsiao

Kai Ko and Mommy dearest... She looks just like Elva prior to her double eyelid surgery.

Kai Ko and Mommy dearest… She looks just like Elva prior to her double eyelid surgery.

Pre-surgery days....doesn't she look like Kai Ko's mommy?

Pre-surgery days….doesn’t she look like Kai Ko’s mommy?

Taiwanese actor Kai Ko recently caused a commotion among the online community after he uploaded a photo of his mother and himself on his microblog. In the picture, his 50-year-old mum smiled blissfully while she leaned on his shoulders and fans have pointed out that Kai’s girlfriend Elva Hsiao has the same crescent-shaped eyes when she smiles.

Sharp-eyed netizens made another observation on his mother’s youthful looks. Some fans commented that she looks like an ‘older sister’ beside him and Elva herself once openly praised Kai’s mum’s well-maintained appearance.

Due to recent comments made by netizens, some zealous Elva fans are worried that the songstress will be pressurized to take extra care of her looks.

However, it seems like Elva, who is on close terms with her ‘future mother-in-law’, is not ‘stressed’ at all. The 33-year-old even revealed that she specially bought a birthday gift for Kai’s mum and was not willing to share about the details of the present.

Emphasising that it is the thought that counts, she said, “I prepared something small. It’s a very practical gift!”

Source: Xinmsn